#1 Bug Bomb For Spiders In Your House! (Updated For 2024)

Do you find yourself disturbed by the presence of spiders in your home? Fortunately, you no longer have to tolerate these pests living freely in your space! While it is commonly believed that bug bombs are not effective for eliminating spiders, I decided to put this claim to the test. In this guide, we will be exploring the use of bug bombs for spiders and determining if this is the best solution for getting rid of them, or if there are other options available.

Testing The Top 3 Spider Bombs and Foggers

Do Bug Bombs Work For Spiders?

In my experience, bug bombs don’t work for spiders in and around your home. I tested quite a few different types of bug bombs and spider bombs in houses with spider infestations, and they simply are not very effective. You won’t get rid of your spider infestation using bug bombs.

bug bombs for spiders

So let’s take a look at why bug bombs don’t work for spiders:

  • Bug bombs generally disperse their mist low and wide, which means it covers the floor well, but it doesn’t cover the walls, ceiling, corners and crevices where spiders usually live.
  • The active ingredient in the majority of bug bombs actually doesn’t affect arachnids like it does other insects. So it is effective in killing other insects but spiders don’t have the same effects, and they generally will be just find when introduced to the mist.

Along with this, since the bug bombs generally don’t kill spiders on contact, it can actually push spiders deeper into hiding in your home and could make spiders move from your garage or basement into your kitchen or living room.

Furthermore, bug bombs aren’t great for those with allergies and there are safer options available to get rid of spiders in your home.

So What Should I Use Instead of Spider Bombs For My House?

Spiders are different than the majority of other insects. Most insecticides attempt to “suffocate” insects by covering the pores on their skin that they breath out of, but spiders don’t breath that way so traditional insecticides aren’t very effective on spiders.

When looking for a spider treatment, you’ll want to find a product that contains either Bifenthrin or Deltamethrin as these chemicals are much more effective against arachnids specifically.

Thankfully, I did some testing and I found the best spider killing products that you should use instead of using a spider bomb in your home!

1. Miss Muffet’s Revenge, Indoor & Outdoor Spider Killer

If you are looking for the best indoor and outdoor spider killer, then go no further than Miss Muffet’s Revenge by Wet and Forget. Designed to have active knock down or killing power which kills spiders on contact, but it also keep killing new spiders for up to 12 months after the initial application.

Miss Muffet's Revenge Spider Treatment

In my testing around my home, this is one of the simplest solutions to get rid of a spider infestation. It comes with an easy to use attached sprayer wand and you’ll simply apply this around the perimeter of your home, as well as indoors focusing on problem areas.

I’ve heard of people using Windex for spiders, and if you have more than 1 spider in your house, windex just isn’t effective, so use an actual spider killer like this one.

This product is designed with Bifenthrin, which is very effective against spiders while still being safe for humans and pets. This will be a lot more effective than general insecticides which aren’t designed specifically for spiders.

Another great benefit of this treatment is that will also kill black widow spiders which can be dangerous to dogs, as well as brown recluse spiders!

If you are dealing with a spider infestation, this is your best solution and you’ll see results within a few days of application.

Do Bug Bombs Kill Spider Eggs?

No, bug bombs will not kill spider eggs. Bug bombs generally won’t kill spiders either because they use an active ingredient that is effective against general insects but not against spiders, and it won’t kill spider eggs either.

Signs Of Spiders In Your Home:

The signs of spiders in your home are relatively easy to spot compared to other pests, but here are some signs of spiders to look out for in your home:

  • Spider Webs: This is the most obvious sign of spiders, but if you’re noticing spider webs around your home, especially around eaves, in your attic, basement, and garage.
  • Spider Droppings: Spider droppings are a liquid that often come in black, brown, gray or white.
  • Spider Egg Sacs: Spiders lay hundreds of eggs at a time, so you’ll occasionally see spider egg sacs around your home. Spider sacs look like silk balls, and are relatively easy to spot due to their unique looks.

Final Thoughts On Bug Bombs For Spiders

Overall, bug bombs or spider bombs just aren’t an effective solution and you’ll end up wasting more money and time. You’re better off using a product that contains the active ingredients of either bifenthrin or deltamethrin.

Both of these ingredients are much more effective against spiders specifically compared to general insecticides. That’s why I suggest you use Miss Muffet’s Revenge rather than a general household pesticide.




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