Can Black Widow Spider Bite Kill Your Dog?

Many are familiar with the cautionary tales surrounding the venomous black widow spider and their distinctive hourglass marking. While it is commonly known that these spiders pose a threat to humans, how much danger do they pose to dogs? Sadly, black widows can be found all over the United States, putting our furry companions at risk if they spend time outdoors. This guide will cover the likelihood of black widows killing dogs, the signs and symptoms of a black widow bite on dogs, and how to properly treat such bites.

Can A Black Widow Spider Bite Kill Your Dog?

Yes, black widow spider bites have the potential to be fatal in dogs and other pets. These bites aren’t guaranteed to be fatal, but they can be quite dangerous and should be treated very seriously! As soon as you notice any signs of a black widow bite on your dog, you should immediately take them to a veterinary. With veterinary treatment, most black widow bites are survivable for your dog.

Can Black Widow Spider Bite Kill Your Dog?

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Signs of Black Widow Bites On Your Dog:

Time is of the essence if your dog has been bitten by a black widow spider, so you need to be able to identify when they’ve been bitten. Unfortunately, the symptoms of black widow spider bites on dogs isn’t always the same with every dog, so it can make it difficult to identify the symptoms.

That being said, here are the main signs and symptoms to look out for if your dog has been bitten by a black widow spider:

  1. Within 1 hour there will be minimal to no swelling.
  2. Around the 1 hour mark your dog will start to feel some pain from the bite.
  3. Within 24 hours your dog potentially could start experiencing paralysis and limited motor functions.

Other Signs To Watch Out For:

  • Paralysis
  • Muscle Pain and Pain Around Bite Sight
  • Vomiting
  • Tremors and Seizures
  • Swollen Face and Snout
  • Swelling Around The Bite

If you notice any of those signs it’s important to contact your veterinarian as soon as possible! The quicker you get your dog to the vet, the better chances they will have. Even if your dog hasn’t been bitten by a black widow, any of those symptoms could be signs of another serious health ailment, so it’s important to contact a professional either way.

Tips For Black Widow Spiders and Your Dogs:

Black widow spiders are found all around the United States which means your pets could potentially be at risk. Black widow spiders are generally found around wood piles, in dark garages and crawl spaces and other cluttered areas. We recommend keeping your dogs away from areas like this which could be home to black widows.

You can easily identify black widow spiders by their red hourglass shape on their back and their dark black coloring.

If you are dealing with black widow spiders you should take a look at our guide on should you use bug bombs for spiders and other ways to get rid of black widow spiders.

Overall, you’ll greatly reduce the chances of running into black widow spiders around your home by keeping your home and perimeter of your home clutter-free and as neat and tidy as possible! If you are serious about keeping your dogs safe from dangerous spiders like black widows then you should use an official spider killer like Miss Muffet’s rather than trying to kill spiders with windex.


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