Does Windex Kill Spiders? Tried and Tested (Updated For 2023)

David Floyd:

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Last Updated April 8th, 2023: Spiders often get the rapsheet of being scary and dangerous insects. Although most spiders aren’t dangerous to humans and can actually be beneficial to your home, most people don’t want spiders lingering around their home. Because of this, a huge amount of DIY tips to getting rid of spiders have appeared, including using windex. In this guide we’ll be talking about does windex kill spiders, is it effective, and if you should actually use this method or if you should use something else.

Does Windex Kill Spiders?

Yes, windex does kill spiders, but only if it’s applied directly onto the spider, and in a generous amount. When applying windex to kill spiders you’ll need to fully coat the spider in windex, and within a minute or two, if applied enough, the spider will begin to die and their body will curl.

does windex kill spiders

If you are dealing with a spider infestation, you should not be relying on Windex. Windex only kills spiders on contact, which makes it difficult since most spiders are excellent and hiding.

If you have a spider infestation you should use Miss Muffet’s Spider Killer because it kills spiders on contact as well as leaves down a spider killing boundary that kills spiders for an additional 12 months. You can also use a bug bomb for spiders!

How Long Does Windex Take To Kill Spiders?

If applied correctly and you’ve coated the entire spider with windex, it will take between 1 minute and 15 minutes to fully kill the spider. You’ll begin to see the spider slow down, and eventually their body will begin to curl as the windex is working through their body, killing them completely. This is a similar timeline to using bleach for spiders.

Is Windex An Effective Way To Get Rid Of Spiders?

No, windex is not an effective way to get rid of spiders. Although windex technically can kill spiders, it’s just not an effective and practical way to kill and get rid of spiders in your home.

Windex is only effective in killing a spider when it’s applied directly to the spider. And after windex has been fully coated on the spider, only then will it begin to kill the spider. This isn’t super practical because it takes a good amount of windex to kill the spider, and it also only kills on direct contact, so you’re not going to kill any of the spiders that are hiding from you. That being said it can help slightly deter spiders because spiders don’t like the smell.

It’s better to use an actual spider treatment, that not only kills on contact but has lasting killing power for spiders that visit the treatment area after being directly applied.

Rather than use WIndex, we recommend you use Miss Muffet’s Revenge Spider Killer which kills spiders on contact but it also will keep killing spiders for up to 12 months!

What Is Windex?

Windex is an extremely common household product that’s used as a multifunctional surface cleaner. It’s often tempting to use it as a pest killer because most households already have Windex on hand, so it would be extremely convenient if it was effective, but unfortunately you have better options available.

Using Windex for DIY pest removal isn’t just for spiders, using windex for roaches has also been mentioned quite a few times on the internet.

Final Thoughts On Using Windex For Spiders

Overall, technically windex will kill spiders, but only if applied generously and directly on the spider. This makes it not a great solution for a spider infestation because the majority of the time spiders will hide from humans, and windex takes quite a bit of time to actually kill.

Because of this I’d recommend using an actual spider killer such as Miss Muffet’s Revenge Spider Killer because it kills on contact as well as has 12 months of lasting killing power, which ensures that hiding spiders will also be killed.

Overall thank you for reading our article on does windex kill spiders. Technically it does, but not the best solution for a spider infestation! If you are worried about black widow spiders killing your dog or your family, then you should act quickly!


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