Carpenter Bees Resources and Removal Guides

Carpenter Bees are extremely large bees that you will commonly see around North America and Europe. They can seem frightening due to their size, but they are generally quite gentle and docile. That being said, they can still be a nuisance because they drill holes into the wood for their nests. This means they will often drill holes into your home’s siding or in and around your porch. This of course isn’t good because it causes quite a bit of damage to your home and will just continue to attract more carpenter bees to your home.

That being said, it’s important to be able to keep carpenter bees away from your home and to get rid of them if you have a current carpenter bee infestation. Below you will find all of our carpenter bee-related information and guides to help identify carpenter bees and keep them away from your home!

Carpenter Bee Resources:

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