Carpenter Bee Treatment Cost – Hiring An Exterminator For Carpenter Bees (Updated For 2024)

After two decades of dealing with carpenter bees in my job as a pest control technician, I am aware that the cost of carpenter bee treatment can be quite expensive. As a result, I want to ensure that my audience is not being overcharged by their pest control provider. To do so, I conducted some investigations to determine the average cost of carpenter bee removal in the United States.

How Much Does A Carpenter Bee Treatment Cost?

In my research and from my time doing carpenter bee removals, you can expect to pay between $125-$400 for a professional carpenter bee treatment. It can be more complicated though because most pest control companies are going to try to force you to sign up for a recurring pest service, which can often include 12 month contracts.

carpenter bee treatment cost

When looking for a carpenter bee treatment, you want to ensure that you aren’t signing up for a recurring pest service (unless you want that), and that they have some sort of policy to come back if the bees come back.

Most times, carpenter bees aren’t solved with just one treatment, so you want to ensure the company will send a technician back out if you’re still seeing signs of carpenter bees.

What Are The Risks Of Using A Professional Exterminator?

Generally speaking most professional exterminators use pesticides such as Permethrin which is very effective in killing insects, but unfortunately it’s difficult to control and ends up killing nearly any insect that comes near it. This means you’ll end up killing all insects in the area, which can cause negative effects to our ecosystem.

It’s also a bit worrying because although carpenter bees can be extremely annoying and destructive to your home, carpenter bees are actually beneficial to our ecosystem, so killing them with pesticides can continue to hurt our ecosystem.

That’s why we always recommend preventative measurements and using carpenter bee traps when possible, because this gives you the option to release the carpenter bees away from your home without having to kill them.

What Are My Other Options Instead Of Using A Professional Exterminator?

Prevention is the number 1 way to get rid of carpenter bees. You can prevent carpenter bees before you have an infestation, and you can repel carpenter bees without having to kill them!

If you currently have a carpenter bee infestation, we recommend using carpenter bee traps, these traps mimic a natural carpenter bee nest with prebuilt holes. This means that the carpenter bees are attracted to these traps, and once they enter them they get trapped inside, usually in a glass container. This means you can take the trapped carpenter bees and release them away from your home, so you don’t have to kill them.

You can also prevent and repel carpenter bees by using some of the following natural scents and oils:

Final Thoughts On Professional Carpenter Bee Treatments

Overall, the cost of carpenter bee treatments is going to be pretty high. That being said, they could be worth it if you go with a reputable pest control company that offers free re-treatments and stands by their service. At that point, it’s really up to you if the price is worth it or not.

Thank you for reading our guide on the typical carpenter bee treatment cost, I hope it was helpful!


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