Using Almond Oil To Deter Carpenter Bees – Spray and Recipe

Are you currently facing issues with carpenter bees drilling into your porch or siding? The arrival of Spring and Summer marks the emergence of carpenter bees from hibernation, as they search for a new home, which could potentially be your house. While there are various insecticides available, it may be more effective to prevent carpenter bees rather than exterminate them. Explore our guide on natural ways to eliminate carpenter bees for more tips! However, in this guide, we will be discussing the use of almond oil for dealing with carpenter bees!

using almond oil for carpenter bees

Almond Oil – What Is It?

As you might have guessed, almond oil is the oil from an almond nut. Over half of the weight of almonds are oil, which means there’s plenty of oil to be extracted. But almond oil is full of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats and vitamin E, which means it’s great for overall health, but is almond oil actually useful to deter carpenter bees?

almond oil for carpenter bees

Can Almond Oil Get Rid of Carpenter Bees?

Yes, almond oil can repel carpenter bees because carpenter bees hate the scent of almond oil and will actively avoid areas with the scent present. This makes it a great solution for spraying your porch and house siding.

Almond oil is similar to a citrus oil for carpenter bees, in the sense that carpenter bees don’t like these smells and will avoid areas with it present. Along with this, these essentially oils are safe for pets, humans, and they are safe for carpenter bees as well. Since carpenter bees are avid pollinators, it isn’t recommended to kill them, since they play a vital role in the ecosystem.

How To Use Almond Oil For Carpenter Bees?

Rather than an spray similar to other essential oil sprays, when using almond oil to deter carpenter bees we actually recommending using almond oil in liquid form.

We recommend Nature’s Oil Almond Oil because it comes in a gallon container at a price that’s much lower than competitors.

Applying Almond Oil To Deter Carpenter Bees:

Once you have your almond oil, I recommend using a small water painting brush and make your way to areas of high carpenter bee activity.

From here, you should apply 1-3 strokes of almond oil for ever 4-5 feet you’re looking to protect. Carpenter bees have strong senses of smell, so not much almond oil is needed for them to stay away. I generally start with my porch, and then I’ll do my best to cover the siding of your home. You want to focus on areas of your home that carpenter bees are most likely to visit. This includes any wooden areas such as your porch, or siding of your home. But also focus on eaves and other elevated areas.

applying almond oil for carpenter bees

If you have pre-existing carpenter bee nests I would recommend putting a higher concentrate of almond oil around this area because carpenter bees generally will try to return to existing nests. Generally speaking almond oil goes a long way in preventing carpenter bees, so you just need a few strokes of your almond oil for every 4-5 feet of protection!

Final Thoughts On Using Almond Oil For Carpenter Bees:

Overall, almond oil can be a successful way to deter carpenter bees and keep them from returning year over year. It’s a safe solution that will deter carpenter bees without killing them or without introducing dangerous chemicals into your home!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this guide on using almond oil to deter carpenter bees! It’s an eco-friendly solution to pesky carpenter bees!

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