Safer Pest Control Project Resources


ThePestInformer offers site assessments and individualized assistance for childcare centers, public housing residents and management, schools and other educational facilities interested in beginning or fine tuning an existing Integrated Pest Management Program. Our staff will join you on a walk-through your facility and will highlight structural issues and sanitation conditions that contribute to pest problems. Participants receive a report documenting the results, along with suggestions for addressing problems identified during the walk-through.


ThePestInformer will conduct workshops for management personnel, teachers, child care providers, tenants or homeowners. Workshops will include components of an IPM program, repair and sanitation methods and a question & answer session. Attendees will receive an IPM toolkit containing caulk, a caulk gun, steel wool, clothespins, an instruction sheet, and fact sheets to be used to control pests at home.


ThePestInformer will assist you on technical IPM questions, including making sure that your pest control operator and waste hauler are properly informed of their important role in the IPM program. ThePestInformer will do regular follow-up assessments and recommend any further activities needed to promote a successful program.


We have experts that can visit your School, Environmental Group, Garden Club, or Homeowner’s Association to discuss the effects of reducing the health risks and environmental impacts of pesticide use. Topics may include: Asthma and Children, Beginning an IPM Program in your School or Childcare Facility, Lawns we Can Live With: Alternatives to Pesticides in Your Garden, Reducing Pesticide Use in Your Home. Nominal fees apply, scholarships may be available.


Have an event? Would you like our information presented in an informal and easy-to-understand format? Call us and we’ll try to send a representative to your event. Education is at the core of what we do at ThePestInformer so we are very interested in spreading the word with our publications and displays.


About The Author:

David Floyd has 20 years of experience working as a pest control technician as well as running his own pest control company. His main goal is to provide accurate and helpful DIY tips to keep your home pest-free and how to identify different types of household pests!