How Long Does Termite Tenting Take? – Timeline

Termite tenting and fumigation is an extremely effective way to get rid of a termite infestation, and protect your home. Check out our guide on how to kill termites! Although termite tenting is effective, it is also extremely intrusive to homeowners and requires the entire home to be tented and homeowners and pets to leave the house for days on end.

how long does termite tenting take?

How Long Does Termite Tenting Take?

Termite tenting takes between 24 hours and 72 hours for an effective treatment and it involves the residents and their pets to vacate the premises. Once all residents have left the home, a tent will enclose the home and chemicals will be pumped into the home. As the chemical flow through the home it gets into wood and other structures that traditional treatments can’t get to within 24 hours. Your pest control company has to give you the all clear before you are allowed back into your home.

Final Thoughts On Termite Fumigation Timeline:

Although termite tenting can be annoying and intrusive, it is extremely effective at removing termites and fully protecting your home. It’s definitely worth the 24-72 hours of being displaced to have a termite free home and protection on your biggest financial investment!

That being said, if you are looking for extended termite protection, you need you understand that termite tenting doesn’t provide lasting termite protection. These are best for active infestations, but aren’t designed for long-term protection. Find how long other termite treatment methods protect your home for!

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