Do Termites Bite Humans and What Do Termite Bites Look Like?

When encountering any type of insect, it is important to be cautious of their potential harm or tendency to bite. This is particularly true for termites, which are notorious for causing structural damage. However, the question remains: do termites also pose a biting threat to humans? Let’s explore more below!

Do Termites Bite Humans?

Termites very rarely will bite humans. Termites biting humans is not a common occurrence. Even if you have termites in your house, they just don’t go around looking for humans or living things to feed off of. Termites eat wood and cellulose-based materials, not human flesh or blood.

What Do Termite Bites Look Like?

A termite bite will look like a small red bump. It could be swollen, itchy, and raised skin if you have an allergic reaction. Generally, any signs of these bites will go away within 1-3 days.

Termites love to stay in dark and damp areas. The largest members of the termite family are the king and queen, with the workers being the smallest. The color of termites ranges from light brown to white and more than 2600 species of them exist in the world. The three types of termites found in the United States are drywood, subterranean, and dampwood termites. Read our guide on how to remove termites from your home!

do termites bite humans?

Termites are insects that live together in colonies. They feed on wood structures, especially cellulose-based materials. Termite bites are not a common occurrence and they are not dangerous to humans. 

So there’s no need to get scared of suffering bites from termites. The real danger they pose, however, is not about biting humans but rather destroying the wooden structures in your home. Being such destructive pests, one can only imagine the damage they will cause if allowed to spread without control.

There are different groups of termites in any colony and they are the workers, the queen, the reproductives, and the soldiers. The termite that would most likely bite a human is the soldier termite but this is very unlikely. Soldiers have stronger mouthparts that are suited to defending the colony.

Why Would A Soldier Termite Bite You? 

The only situation where a soldier termite would bite is if you happen to be in its way or pose a threat to the nest. So, yes, a soldier termite can bite you but you probably won’t feel the sting much because their mouthparts are small.

what do termite bites look like

Meanwhile, there are species of termites that can draw blood from your body when the. These termites are bigger in size and include the Formosan or Mastotermes. The bite can be very painful and appear like small razor wounds.

Do Flying Termites Bite?

The winged termites or flying termites are referred to as reproductives. They are not dangerous to humans. The reason for the wings is to swarm to a new location and form a colony. Just like other types of termites, flying termite bites are very rare and not something you should worry about too much!

Do Termite Bites Itch?

Most times, only those that have allergies will experience itching after a termite bite. In such cases, there will also be swelling of the affected tissues.

do termite bites itch

People with allergies can suffer from shock, unconsciousness, abdominal pain, and dizziness. This is only for those with allergies; it doesn’t happen to everyone. And so far, there are usually very few cases of such incidence.

Side Effects of a Termite Bite

Termites are not disease carriers or vectors of deadly diseases. So, in the event of a bite, there is no need to panic. Simply get some first aid treatment or go see a doctor if you have an allergic reaction.

If you are not sure what bit you, having a professional look at the bitten area helps because the bite could have been inflicted by something other than a termite. Yet, you want to be cautious so you do not get infected. Other Insects that could have bitten you include a bedbug, flea, tick, or mosquito

What Happens If A Termite Bites You?

Although rare, if a termite does bite you, you will feel a slight pinch which will probably turn into a small red bump. After this you might have a slight allergic reaction to the bite which could make it itchy, swollen and a little inflamed. To help with this allergic reaction, you should wash the bite and put some hydrocortisone on the bite.

Home Remedies That Can Be Used For Termite Bites

Although it is rare for a termite to bite you, if you get into such a situation when close to a termite mound or nest, there are some precautions you can take to prevent it from getting infected. Below are some of them:

  • Wash the area of the bite using water and soap
  • Apply a cold compress to reduce any form of discomfort
  • Observe if there is any swelling in the area
  • Over-the-counter pills such as antihistamines can be used for itching or swelling, or acetaminophen to reduce pain. 

It is very rare to get bitten by a termite because they feed on wooden structures. A conspicuous bite is most likely from another insect.  Monitor the affected area, treat with first aid and then see a doctor if the bite gets worse.

If It Wasn’t A Termite Bite, What Was It?

Since termite bites are quite rare, it’s most often a different pesky insect that has bitten you. The most likely cause of an insect bite would be insects such as:

  • Ants
  • Mites
  • Bed Bugs
  • Fleas
  • Lice
  • Spiders
  • And More!

More often then not, if you’re wondering if termites bite humans, you’re probably the victim of another insect bite. Similar to cricket bites, termite bites just don’t happen very often.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article about do termites bit humans. Check out our other termite guides!


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