Can You Hear Termites In The Wall? – Do Termites Make Noise In Walls?

Detecting termites entering your home or taking over your property is not a simple task, but it’s extremely important to prevent significant damage. This is due to their underground habits and ability to consume wood from the inside out. If left unchecked, termites can create colonies in unnoticeable areas and cause significant damage in a short period.

Many of my readers have been asking if they can hear termites in the walls, so we’re going to get to the bottom of this!

Do Termites Make Noise?

Yes, termites make noise! When they think their nest is being disturbed soldier termites bang their head against their nest and tunnels to make a rumbling and slight knocking noise.

do termites make noise

Luckily, there are some signs you can look out for if you’ve begun to suspect the presence of termites around you. These signs are important because early detection is key when controlling insects. 

The signs include hollowed wood, the formation of mud tubes, and fallen wings. Another way to tell if there is a termite infestation is by the sounds they make. These sounds are a result of their daily activities. So, if you hear a faint noise inside your wall, you are not alone as lots of homeowners suffer the same from time to time. 

Can You Hear Termites In The Wall?

Yes, you can hear termites in your walls. If you hear a soft clicking noise during the night in your walls, it’s probably termites! Usually, the sound made by termites is so faint during the day that you will need a stethoscope or any other hearing device to hear them. But the sounds are much sharper at night and easier to hear. 

Can You Hear Termites?

Yes, you can hear termites if you listen closely. They are constantly making noise, even if it’s subtle they make quite a few tell-tale signs that you should look out for. Termites make a soft clicking noise as the worker termites are eating. So if you have termites in and around the walls of your home, it’s common that you’ll occasionally be able to hear them.

Can You Hear Termites At Night?

Yes, you can hear termites at night. Termites are more active during the night time and you’re more likely to hear them at night. If you have an active colony in your home or in your walls, you will be able to hear sounds at night.

What Do Termites Sound Like In A Wall?

Termites inside your wall will make subtle knocking and head banging sounds. Termites sound like like someone gently tapping their finger against the drywall. This is more of a vibration-type noise and can be difficult to identify if you aren’t familiar with the noise. If you hear a soft clicking noise, most commonly at night, this is often a sign of termites.

Termite sounds are produced when they chew on wooden material and when in motion. If the infestation is a minor one, then expect that the sounds will be weak, meaning you’ll have to listen intently to detect it. But if you have a severe termite infestation and they’re head banging, termites sound like someone tapping their finger on the drywall.

Do Termites Make Noise During The Day?

Studies on termite activity show that these insects are workaholics; they work both during the day and at night. They literally do not go to bed, so, their sounds can last for hours. The sound can be heard at any time of the day but it becomes more audible at night, especially when they are head banging. Of course, you can guess why that happens because the house is quieter at night.

can you hear termites in the wall

One interesting thing about termites is that they can alert each other in the event of disturbances and threats. The method they use is to bang their head on the wall. This banging creates a louder sound that is easier to hear. Also, termites make sounds when flying or moving through wood. We will discuss these different sounds.

Can You Hear Termites Chewing?

Yes, you can hear worker termites actively chewing on wood or drywall if you listen closely.

Types of Sound Made By Termites 

Termites make a lot of noise as they go around their normal business. There are different kinds of sounds that they produce. Below are some of the sounds:

  1. Head Banging:

This is the loudest and strongest sound produced by termites. The sound is heard when termites continuously bang their head against the wall. The sound is fast and rattling. Termites produce this sound when they are trying to communicate with one another, especially when there is a threat or if food sources are found. A clearer sound is made when soldier termites hit their jaws or heads. You’ll also hear noises when they shake their bodies inside any wooden structure. Banging their heads produces vibrations that echo throughout the whole colony. Remember, termites can not hear, hence, they receive the sound as vibrations. If you’re hearing these noises, I would consider hiring a pest control company since when you hear a sound like this it means there is significant population size.

  1. Chewing 

Since these insects chew throughout the day, you will hear a crunching sound. This sound signifies the action of worker termites as they chew through the wood. Keep in mind that the sound is not as intense as that of headbanging, but many termites sound like this! 

  1. Buzzing

You may also hear a faint humming noise. This sound is not as audible as those of wasps and bees.

  1. Clicking

This sound is made from wood as the termites feed on it. Termites can also produce this clicking sound using their mouth as they tunnel through wood.

  1. Tapping

Remember we talked about termites banging their head against the wall. As they do so, you’ll hear a faint tapping sound on the wall as well.

  1. Swarming

When it is spring, you can hear termite swarming sounds as the reproductives fly out of the nest. This sound is made by the wings as they fly.

What Other Sounds Are Caused By Termites?

As termites chew the wood present in the walls and floor, empty spaces get left behind. When you tap the wood, these empty spaces can give off a dull, hollow noise. This hollow sound shows that the termites have seriously destroyed the wood. If termites chew a floor made of hardwood, the wood will grow weak over time. So, when you step on it, you’ll hear a loud, creaking sound.

sound of termites

The early detection of termite damage is necessary so that actions can be taken to get rid of them and repair the damages caused. Although termites look small, the damage they inflict can be extensive and lead to a collapse of the structure. So, when you hear noises coming from your wall or floor, do well to check what it is. The sound is very faint and can only be heard properly at night. If you hear a popping or snapping sound from your wall, it could be the sound of termites. Read our guide on how to treat termites!

Final Thoughts On Termite Sounds In Your Walls

Termites do not sleep, so you can imagine the amount of damage they are causing to your wooden structures. Ensure you are very observant of your surroundings for anything that seems out of place. It is possible you may have a termite infestation that is still in its beginning stages. Recall that termites are deaf and cannot hear the sounds they make, that’s why they have to bang their head to communicate via vibrations. Termites sound like gentle tapping inside your walls, so if you hear that type of noise, then you should begin to investigate or even consider hiring a pest control company

Sometimes, the sound coming from your wall could be caused by other things apart from termites. For instance, the contraction of pipelines, vibrations from home appliances, or wind blowing can be other sounds you might hear. The safest thing to do is check and not assume. A termite inspection can save you a lot of heartache. Waste no time in enlisting the services of a pest control expert to conduct checks. I hope you’ve enjoyed this guide on can you hear termites in the wall!


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