5 Pet Safe Spider Repellents – Get Rid of Spiders Without Poisoning Your Pet

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Have you ever struggled with getting rid of spiders in your home while keeping your beloved pets safe? Many conventional spider repellents and treatments might be effective in getting rid of spiders, but are packed full of harmful chemicals for dogs, cats, other pets, and even children. In this blog post, we will explore pet safe spider repellent options to protect both your home and your pets.

Key Takeaways On Pet Safe Spider Repellents

  • This article provides an overview of natural, pet-safe spider repellents and control methods.
  • You can use essential oils and/or commercially available pet safe spider repellents to get rid of spiders without danger to your pets or children, but you need to be aware of which chemicals are in the treatment. We recommend the Mighty Mint Peppermint Oil Essential Oil Spray!
  • Vacuuming webs, limiting access points, and using sticky traps are effective ways to prevent spiders from entering the home.

Natural Spider Repellents Safe for Pets

As a pet owner, finding non-toxic solutions to deter spiders is a priority. Luckily, there are several natural spider repellents that are safe for pets, such as peppermint oil, citrus oils, and vinegar solutions. These repellents not only deter spiders but can also be effective against other crawling insects like ants and roaches.

We will delve into the specifics of these pet-safe, natural spider repellents, explaining their mechanisms and application in your home.

peppermint oil

1. Mighty Mint Peppermint Oil Spider Spray

Peppermint oil is a versatile and pet-safe spider deterrent that can be easily applied around your home. Mighty Mint, a commercial peppermint oil spray, is an excellent option for keeping spiders at bay. Here are some ways to use peppermint oil as a spider deterrent:

  1. Apply the oil around entry points, such as windows and doors.
  2. Spray peppermint oil on cotton balls and place them in hiding areas, like corners and closets.
  3. Use a point spray opening to target specific areas where spiders are commonly found.

By using peppermint oil as a spider deterrent, you can keep your home spider-free without using harmful chemicals.

Mighty Mint Spider Spray

The aroma of peppermint oil not only repels spiders but also keeps your home smelling fresh. The scent is estimated to remain effective for approximately one week, making it a convenient and eco-friendly solution for your spider problems. Peppermint oil has also been known to work against roaches!

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2. Citrus Oils

Citrus oils, derived from citrus fruits, are another natural and pet-safe spider repellent. These oils can be used in various ways, such as placing citrus peels around your home or diffusing citrus essential oils to create a pleasant aroma that deters spiders.

In addition to their spider-repelling properties, citrus oils can also be effective against German roaches and other pests. Incorporating citrus oils into your spider control routine results in a fresh-smelling, spider-free environment for your family and pets.

3. Vinegar Solution

A vinegar solution is another effective and pet-safe spider repellent that can be easily made at home. To create a vinegar solution, simply combine equal parts of vinegar and water in a spray bottle. This solution can be sprayed around entry points, such as windows and doors, to deter spiders without harming your pets.

Vinegar contains acetic acid, which is harmful to spiders but safe for pets and humans. This makes it an affordable and eco-friendly option for keeping your home spider-free.

Read our guide on using vinegar for spiders!

Pet-Friendly Indoor Spider Control Methods

In addition to using natural spider repellents, there are other pet-friendly indoor spider control methods that can effectively reduce the spider population in your home. These methods include vacuuming webs, limiting access points, and using sticky traps.

We will examine these indoor spider control methods to assist you in maintaining a spider-free home and ensuring your pets’ safety.

1. Vacuuming or Dusting Spider Webs

Vacuuming is an effective and pet-friendly spider control method that allows for the immediate removal of spider webs, spiders, and their egg sacs. Utilizing a vacuum cleaner with a rigid hose or even just dusting the webs, disrupts their homes and can help to repel them from your home.

Regular vacuuming not only removes existing spider webs but also helps prevent spiders from laying eggs and creating new infestations. Plus, it’s a safe and non-toxic method, making it ideal for households with pets and children.

I’d also recommend testing out whether diatomaceous earth kills spiders by sprinkling some around your home after you’ve vacuumed.

2. Limiting Access Points

Another effective spider control method is to limit their access to your home by sealing cracks and gaps. Doing so prevents spiders from intruding on your living space and lessens the likelihood of them laying eggs and causing new infestations.

This method not only diminishes the entry of spiders but also helps maintain a pest-free environment in your home. By being proactive in sealing potential entry points, you’ll make your home less inviting to spiders and other pests.

3. Sticky Traps

Sticky traps are adhesive traps that can be used to capture spiders without causing harm. These traps can be placed in hidden locations, such as inside cabinets, between furniture and walls, or behind toilets.

It is important when using sticky traps to:

  • Place them in areas that are out of reach for children or pets
  • Regularly inspect the traps
  • Dispose of any captured spiders to maintain a spider-free home while keeping your pets safe.

Raid Essentials A Pet-Safe Option

If you prefer a commercial solution from a trusted insect control brand, Raid Essentials Ant, Spider & Roach Killer is a pet-safe option for indoor use. Formulated with essential oils and a pleasant scent, this product is effective in killing spiders, ants, and roaches without posing a risk to your pets. Don’t miss out on our kill bugs deals for Raid Essentials products.

Raid pet safe spider killer

In the following sections, we will cover the advantages of using Raid Essentials Ant, Spider & Roach Killer, such as its user-friendliness, appealing aroma, and money-back guarantee.

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Ease of Use

Raid Essentials Ant, Spider & Roach Killer is designed to be user-friendly and effective in killing spiders, ants, and roaches. To use this product, simply spray it directly onto the insects or the areas where they are likely to be located. The product’s easy application allows you to quickly and effectively eliminate pests in your home.

Before using Raid Essentials, make sure to read the label carefully and adhere to the instructions to safeguard your pets. By adhering to the manufacturer’s guidelines, you can enjoy a pest-free home without compromising your pets’ well-being.

Pleasant Scent & Essential Oils

One of the main benefits of Raid Essentials Ant, Spider & Roach Killer is its pleasant scent and essential oil composition. Unlike harsh chemical-based repellents, Raid Essentials uses essential oils, making it a safer option for use around pets and children.

The benefits of Raid Essentials include:

  • Adding a refreshing aroma to your home
  • Masking the smell of essential oils that repel spiders and other pests
  • Being an appealing and effective choice for homeowners with pets

Money-Back Guarantee

Raid Essentials Ant, Spider & Roach Killer comes with a money-back guarantee, giving you peace of mind in case the product does not meet your expectations. SC Johnson, the manufacturer of Raid Essentials, will reimburse your purchase price within one year of the date of purchase if you’re not satisfied.

To obtain a refund, simply contact SC Johnson customer service at 1-800-494-4855 or via email at info@scjohnson.com. This guarantee ensures that you can try Raid Essentials without any financial risk, making it an attractive option for pet owners in search of a safe and effective spider control solution.

Tips for Using Spider Repellents Safely Around Pets

Spider Repellents Safely Around Pets

Following a few key guidelines is vital to ensure your pets’ safety when using spider repellents. In this section, we will highlight the significance of reading labels, avoiding direct contact with repellents, and adhering to proper storage practices.

Adhering to these tips enables effective management of as many insects as spider infestations in your home while ensuring the health and safety of your pets, and helps you kill bugs efficiently.

Reading Labels

Always ensure to read the labels and strictly follow the instructions before using any spider repellent. This will ensure that the product is safe for use around your pets and that you’re applying it correctly.

Pay close attention to the active ingredients, directions for use, and any warnings about potential hazards. By being knowledgeable about the product you’re using, you can minimize any risks to your pets’ health and well-being.

Avoiding Direct Contact

To protect your pets from potential harm, avoid spraying repellents directly on them or in areas where they frequently play or sleep. Instead, apply the repellent to targeted areas where spiders, which directly contact insects, are likely to be found, such as entry points and hiding spots.

Wear protective clothing and gloves when applying the repellent, and keep pets away from the treated area until the product has dried. By taking these precautions, you can effectively repel spiders without putting your pets at risk.

Although bug bombs for spiders can be effective, they aren’t always the most pet-safe solution because they disperse the treatment at a large scale.

Proper Storage

Storing spider repellents properly is key to preventing your pets from accidental ingestion or exposure. Hold the container upright, store the repellents in a cool, dry place away from pets and children, and ensure the container is tightly sealed when not in use.

By following these storage guidelines, you can keep your home both spider-free and safe for your pets and family members.

Final Thoughts On Pet Safe Spider Sprays and Repellents

In conclusion, maintaining a spider-free home while keeping your pets safe is achievable with the use of natural repellents and pet-friendly control methods. By utilizing peppermint oil, citrus oils, vinegar solutions, and Raid Essentials Ant, Spider & Roach Killer, you can effectively repel spiders without harming your pets. Remember to read labels, avoid direct contact, and practice proper storage to ensure the safety of your pets and family. With these tips and techniques, you can enjoy a spider-free home and a happy, healthy pet.



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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get rid of spiders without harming pets?

Vinegar and cedar shavings are great natural spider repellents that will keep your home safe without risking harm to your pets. Spray a vinegar solution around your home, or spread cedar shavings for a pleasant smell and added protection.

Is Spider away safe for pets?

Spider Away is a non-toxic product, making it safe to use around both people and pets. It is highly effective in removing spiders from an area without any adverse effects.

What is a homemade non toxic spider repellent?

A homemade, non-toxic spider repellent can be made with strong scents such as peppermint oil, tea tree, lavender, and rose. Vinegar mixed with water is also a natural repellent. Alternatively, combine peppermint essential oil, water, dishwashing soap or castile soap, and thyme oil for an even more effective spray. Finally, a mixture of citrus essential oils and water can also be used to repel spiders.

Are essential oils like peppermint and citrus oils safe for pets?

When used as directed, peppermint and citrus oils are safe for pets.

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