Do Crickets Bite Humans? – Are They Harmful?

While some view crickets as a symbol of good fortune in some cultures, others consider them to be pests. Although they do not pose a significant threat to humans, the question remains: do crickets bite?

Do Crickets Bite?

Yes, crickets can and will bite. That being said, depending on the species, their jaws may not be strong enough to puncture the skin of humans. Most crickets like to chew plants, furniture, and fabric and don’t have the strength necessary to break human skin. 

do crickets bite

If a cricket ever does bite human skin, it is unlikely to cause more than a small, irritating mark. However, if the cricket is carrying any parasites or diseases, its bite could cause other problems if the wound is not effectively cleaned and cared for.

Do Black Crickets Bite?

Black crickets, also known as field crickets, do not bite. They are one of the cricket species with weak jaws, so even if they tried to bite a human, they would not be able to pierce the skin. 

do black crickets bite?

Black crickets are usually found outside and only prey on small insects. They also like to munch on leaves and grass, so they have no reason to bite people. 

Do House Crickets Bite?

House crickets, which are light brown or yellow, are another species of crickets that cannot bite humans. These crickets eat dead leaves as well as old fruits and vegetables. They will likely chew furniture, clothes, and bedding if they get inside your house, but they will not hurt you.

House crickets have a tendency to jump when they are startled. While this can be alarming, remember that it is only a defense mechanism, not an attack. 

These crickets are among the peskiest species of crickets due to their chirping and taste for fibers that are commonly found in people’s homes, but they are not particularly dangerous. 

Can Crickets Sting? / Do Crickets Have Stingers?

Crickets do not have stingers, so if you are experiencing a stinging sensation from an insect wound, a cricket is not the culprit. It can be difficult to identify pests by the marks that they leave, but there are a few other ways to find out if a cricket is biting you.

do crickets have stingers

What Do Cricket Bites Look Like?

If a cricket bites you, you may notice a small area of redness on your skin. However, cricket bites usually go unnoticed unless they become infected. It is usual for the bite to be itchy, but if it becomes inflamed or extremely sore, you may be developing an infection. 

Do Crickets Carry Any Diseases?

While a bite from a healthy cricket is unlikely to cause any harm, a lot of crickets carry diseases and parasites that they pick up from the foods that they eat. These can be dangerous if they are transferred to a human.

There are a few ways that crickets can infect people. If you come into contact with any of a cricket’s feces, it is possible to pick up a parasite or viral infection. Crickets that have the ability to bite humans can also pass disease through their mouths. 

Crickets can also contaminate any food that they come into contact with, so if you notice a cricket on your counters, be sure to thoroughly wash any produce that you store there. 

What To Do If a Cricket Bites You

It is very important to clean a cricket bite just in case the cricket that bit you were diseased. Use antibacterial soap on the bite to clean it, then apply an antibiotic ointment to prevent infection. Typically, these simple steps will keep you safe from illness. 

However, you should monitor the bite until it is fully healed. Look for a rash developing around the area. If you suddenly experience fatigue, fever, body aches, or any other flu-like symptoms, especially combined with skin reactions, it is a good idea to visit a doctor who can prescribe antibiotics. 

What Damage Can Crickets Cause In Your Home

Besides the minor risk of illness, crickets pose other threats as well. If you’ve ever had a cricket trapped in your house, you know how annoying their chirping can be. Of course, a cricket infestation would be a major inconvenience, but even a single cricket can cost you sleep and peace. 

House crickets that chew fabric may also create an expensive mess to deal with. They will eat through sheets and pillowcases and are especially drawn to fibers like silk and wool. Therefore, if there are crickets loose in your home for an extended amount of time, you will most likely need to replace your high-quality clothing and bedding eventually. 

How To Get Rid of Crickets In Your Home

If a single cricket has settled into your space, it will not be too difficult to remove. Wait until you see or hear it, trap it with a cup and a piece of paper, and take it outside. Here’s our guide on homemade cricket traps! Be sure to approach the cricket slowly so it does not get startled and jump out of reach. Remember to wash the cup you use to catch the cricket before you drink out of it.

If you have multiple crickets in your home, it may be time to reach out to a professional who can help you by setting traps and using the right products to eliminate your problem. 

Some people notice the occasional cricket during certain seasons or in particular rooms of their house. Most crickets are attracted to dark, damp spaces. To deter them from your home and prevent an infestation, make sure that there is adequate ventilation throughout your basement or crawl space, your storage rooms, and your kitchen. 

If crickets are wreaking havoc outside in your yard, keeping your lawn mowed and your garden weeded will help to avert them.

Are Crickets Generally Harmful?

By and large, most crickets that you encounter are not harmful. While some cricket species’ bites are more painful than others and some bites can cause infections if not properly attended to, the chance of a cricket bite being life-threatening are extremely slim. 

Crickets pose the most threat to your home and yard. Although they can be irritating and jeopardize your fabrics and lawn, they are not menacing creatures. Unless you are experiencing a cricket infestation, you do not need to worry too much about being harmed. 

Final Thoughts On Cricket Bites

Though there are many different types of crickets, by and large, they are more of an annoyance to humans than anything. The best thing to do is ignore them unless they pose a threat to your furniture or belongings or if they increase to a large number, at which point it may be time to take steps to get rid of them. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this guide on do crickets bite, and I hope it’s brought some clarity to you about these unique insects! View our other cricket guides!


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