#1 Pet Safe Roach Killer – We Tested 10+ Pet Safe Roach Control Options!

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Are you struggling with roaches running around your home, but you have pets and don’t want to use potentially dangerous pesticides?

In this blog we’ll be sharing the best pet safe roach killers (hint: we recommend Syngenta 383920 Advion Roach Gel Bait), from bait treatments, to roach traps!

With 20+ years of experience in the pest control industry, as well as owning our own pest control company, we know what works to kill cockroaches, and we want you to be able to live in a roach free home, without having to worry about the health and safety of your beloved pets. We’ve personally tested all these treatment options, and here are the results!

Pet Safe Roach Killers – Quick Look:

Why A Pet Safe Roach Killer Matters

If you own a pet, you’ll quickly realize the importance of pet-safe roach killers and why it matters.

  • Avoid poisoning or injuring your pets
  • Let your pets roam the house
  • Protect your pets from roaches

Above all else, some roach killers can be poisonous, so you don’t want your furry friends to make contact with the chemicals. The chemicals can potentially kill and even harm animals, so you won’t have to worry about that if you get a pet-safe roach killer.

Once you verify the roach killer won’t harm your pet, you can let them roam the house. Many pets don’t want to be limited on where they can go, so you can let them be comfortable and visit whichever rooms they prefer in the home.

You also don’t want your pets interacting with roaches. Not only could they eat a cockroach, but cockroaches can carry diseases on them, so your pet could get sick if you have too many cockroaches in the area, requiring you to get rid of the pests.

If you own a pet, you should always purchase pet-safe roach killers to minimize risks while also addressing any pests in your home.

Pet Safe Roach Killer Video

We’ve also created a quick video on what to look out for when treating roaches when you have pets in and around your home, and our #1 pick!

The 8 Best Pet Safe Roach Killers

Now that you understand why you should get a pet-safe roach killer, you must consider the options available. Do your best to look through the choices, see which ones will take care of the roaches, and determine if you’ll buy one.

Remember that each option has benefits and drawbacks, so get a feel for those points. Doing so will help you pick a choice you like while keeping your pet safe from pests and the chemicals in roach killers.

1. Syngenta 383920 Advion Cockroach Gel Bait

The #1 pet safe roach killer, without a doubt, is the Syngenta 383920 Advion Cockroach Gel Bait. This is what professional exterminators use, and it is the most effective cockroach killer on the market.

Syngenta Advion Pet Safe Roach Gel

Syngenta uses Indoxacarb as the active killing ingredient. Although Indoxacarb can be dangerous to pets at higher dosages, each tube of Syngenta Advion roach gel bait contains 30grams and only 0.06% of Indoxacarb. This means it contains 0.18 grams of Indoxacarb per tube.

In this study, they introduced dogs and cats to more than 0.25 grams of indoxacarb every single day for 90 days with zero signs of toxicity afterwards. Obviously you shouldn’t purposefully be allowing your pets to eat the Sygenta gel, and the instructions tell you to place the gel in hard to reach areas such as underneath your cabinets, and behind your microwave and friege so it should be difficult for your pets to reach the gel to begin with. Generally speaking the risk of danger to your pets is pretty low.

Take a look at our full advion cockroach gel bait review!

Because this is a gel bait, it’s designed to attract roaches to the bait, who then bring the bait back to the rest of the colony which then will eliminate the entire colony instead of just the individual cockroach. This is the best roach killer on the market, and it’s safe for your dogs and cats and other pets!

2. BugPursuit Natural Cockroach Spray

If you want a straightforward design, go with the BugPursuit Natural Cockroach Spray. The spray bottle has a plant-based formula, meaning it won’t impact your pets, allowing you to spray it safely around your home.

The spray works and kills cockroaches on contact, allowing you to spray them directly on entry points to take care of the pests. In addition, the product itself doesn’t have synthetic compounds, fumes, or smells, allowing you to keep your pets safe.

BugPursuit Natural Cockroach Spray

The spray doesn’t leave any stains on surfaces, allowing you to spray it whenever you encounter roaches. It’s designed for home, hotel, office, and school use, along with other locations, so you can bring it to different places.

With that in mind, the spray has a few pros that make it great.

  • Supports indoor and outside use
  • Lab-certified safe
  • Doesn’t leave residue on surfaces

Even though you can only use it for roaches, it’ll help you with any cockroach in the area. You should choose this one if you plan to prioritize roaches and need to avoid stains around your house.

3. Hoy Hoy Trap A Roach

Sometimes, a simple design works well as a roach killer, making the Hoy Hoy Trap A Roach an excellent option. Instead of directly spraying the cockroaches, the trap attracts them, so they get stuck and allow you to get rid of them.

Hoy Hoy Trap A Roach

It includes a sticky layer to get the cockroaches and a lifting knob, making it easier to pick up and throw away the trap. It works great for people who don’t want to sweep up the cockroaches afterward and not touch them.

The trap has the bait in the middle, drawing in cockroaches and encouraging them to go for it. It’s a solid choice for homes since you won’t have spray around the house that your pets can get in, though you don’t want your pets to mess with the trap.

Speaking of which, you’ll notice some benefits if you go with the Hoy Hoy Trap A Roach.

  • An easy entry point for cockroaches
  • Can place vertically or horizontally
  • Leaves no odor or toxins

You need to keep the trap away from pets, even though it won’t harm them, so they won’t mess with it. You should choose this option if you don’t want to deal with spray but want to trap roaches with minimal effort.

4. Raid Essentials Ant and Roach Killer

Returning to the spray options, you may want to get the Raid Essentials Roach Killer. The formula uses essential oils rather than chemicals, so you won’t encounter as many issues as traditional roach killer solutions.

Raid Essentials Pet Friend Roach Treatment

The solution also has plant-based ingredients, making it a safer option for anyone. It even includes a handle, making it easy to spray the substance as needed without accidentally spilling and getting it everywhere. 

This one requires you to spray the roaches directly to kill them, so don’t bother spraying it on entrance points. It also includes a twist nozzle, allowing you to lock the spray and prevent it from spreading when you don’t want it to get on something.

Speaking of which, you can enjoy some pros if you go with the Raid Essentials Roach Killer.

  • It also works on ants
  • A recognized and trusted brand
  • You can use it in the kitchen

Remember to use it as directed if you have kids or pets in the area, so remain careful as you apply the roach killer. Go with this option if you have a roach and ant problem to solve two problems simultaneously.

5. Mighty Mint Cockroach Repellant

Others prefer natural options, making the Mighty Mint Cockroach Repellant an ideal choice for your needs. The solution prioritizes natural ingredients and essential oils to minimize the potential damage it may do to your home while also taking care of roaches.

Mighty Mint Pet Safe Roach Killer

This one has an extra concentrated design to kill roaches and prevent them from returning to your home. It has all-natural ingredients that produce a minty smell, making your home smell lovely while taking care of it.

Not only does it get rid of roaches, but it works on various types, including German, American, and Oriental cockroaches. Above all else, it’s a safe option to use around kids and pets, making it an excellent choice for busy homes.

You have various pros that make this option stand out from other choices.

  • Smells better than other options
  • The same brand for other pests
  • Also takes out earwigs and stink bugs

However, it only comes in 16 ounces, so some may feel it doesn’t provide enough. Despite that point, the roach killer works no matter where you live and remains an excellent choice for anyone who has multiple pets or kids in their home.

6. Wondercide Indoor Pest Control Spray

You may need to address other pests in the area, making the Wondercide Indoor Pest Spray an excellent option. This is another that follows the spray bottle model, allowing you to control when you use the pest control spray.

Wondercide Indoor Roach Spray

This one utilizes a plant-based option while also remaining cruelty-free. It works on multiple pests, including ants, roaches, spiders, waterbugs, moths, and more. In addition, the natural oil design means you won’t have to worry about your pets coming across it after you spray.

Ensure you follow the instructions included to keep your pets safe. You can spray the areas where you think the roaches come from, sowing you to take care of those spots and prevent them from entering different parts of your home.

With those in mind, you also have some benefits that make the pest control spray a solid choice.

  • Available in four different scents
  • Can purchase it in a larger bottle
  • Works on various pest types

This is a more expensive option, so some people may prefer something that doesn’t cost as much. However, Wondercide remains excellent if you get multiple pests in the area, so you’ll keep your home safe from problems or anything else.

7. Ussmeila Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

You may not want to deal with sprays or traps, so you could use the Upgraded Ultrasonic Pest Repeller instead. The device plugs into your wall, releases nano frequencies, and prevents these insects from entering your home.

Because it plugs into a wall and doesn’t have chemicals, you don’t have to worry about it harming your pets. It also works on many pests and rodents, including roaches, wasps, rats, etc.

You have two modes: silent mode to repel pests and full band enhanced mode to repel them three times faster. It also comes with six pieces, allowing you to place them throughout your home to keep it safe from roaches.

You should review a few crucial points to understand why it works for most people.

  • Covers a wide range of frequencies
  • Little to no risks to the household
  • Covers up to 1,300 square feet

Some people may prefer to avoid plugging in and adjusting these pest repellers. It works best for those who want no risks for their pets or whose pets tend to get into everything, but they’ll leave a device alone.

8. Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

This option utilizes a plug-in pest repeller, so you should buy the Ultrasonic Pest Repeller. While this one does push away cockroaches, it can also repel bats, ants, mosquitoes, mice, flies, and fleas.

Not only does it repel the pests, but it can kill them if they stay in the area. The sound it emits continues to affect their bodies, so they must either leave your home or stay there and die, so it makes the process easier for you without your direct involvement.

You place it between 10-to-30 inches from the ground for on-the-ground pests and 30-to-50 inches from the floor for flying pests. You can install them in various places, including homes, libraries, and offices.

  • It comes with six devices
  • It has a 1,200-square-foot range
  • It doesn’t require spraying or constant application

You need to plug them in, which some people may want to avoid doing or using. With that in mind, this option works well if you want to not only drive away pests but ensure they don’t return without getting involved.

9. Harris Roach Killer

Sometimes, you need a larger option, making the Harris Roach Killer an excellent choice for your home. The design makes it safe to use around pets, though you should follow the instructions regarding the spraying process.

Since it has a long cord connected to the spray bottle, you can easily navigate it to hard-to-reach areas to get as many roaches as possible. In addition, the spray kills roaches when it dries, so it can remain on the spot for weeks and still take care of the roaches.

The formula remains odorless and stainless, allowing you to use it freely around your home with minimal issues. Since you have so much formula, you can apply it around your home as needed.

Review the benefits to see why it works and how you can maximize your spray.

  • It comes in 128 ounces
  • It has an extended cord for spraying
  • Received EPA approval for pet safety

This one will take up a fair amount of space in your home and can be challenging. It works best if you have many pests and need access to more roach killers to keep them away.

Final Thoughts On Pet Safe Roach Killers

Looking into the various pet-safe roach killer will help you get rid of pests around the house while protecting your pets. This is especially true if you want to ensure your pets can safely access rooms and other convenient areas.

Compare the available options, see why they work, and determine which one fits your needs and preferences the best. All of the listed products are excellent, though, so you can’t go wrong picking any of them to deal with cockroaches.




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