How To Get Roaches Out Of Electronics – 5 Ways To Save Your Gadgets

how to get roaches out of electronics

The insides of electronic devices provide an ideal surrounding for roaches to stay warm, defecate and lay eggs. And if you don’t get them out of there, these pests will end up causing problems, including blocked components and even damages to the circuit board, which will cost you a lot of money for repairs. Thankfully we have the solution, here’s how to get roaches out of electronics!

This article looks at different ways you can get roaches out of electronic devices and the ways you can prevent roaches in the future.

Which Device is Most Susceptible to Cockroach Infestation?

Well, cockroaches like electronic devices because the running electricity inside the device makes them warm. Thus, they are more likely to crawl into any appliance you use often, as long as there are openings from which they can get in.

These are some signs that roaches have made a home inside your electronics:

  • Presence of feces, roach eggs, or cockroaches inside the openings or power supply port areas.
  • An odd and mushy smell coming from the device.

If possible, you can remove the electronic’s casing to check if there are any of these pests. But make sure that doing so won’t affect the warranty.

5 Ways of How To Get Roaches Out Of Electronics

Here are some ways to remove roaches from electronics:

1. By Blowing them Off

Before using chemicals or anything of that sort, you should try to remove the cockroaches with the help of compressed air.

For this, you’ll need to get a canister of air compressor and apply it in the crevices where you’ve detected the roaches. This will cause the pressurized air inside the can to come out with full force, eventually blowing off the pests.

Try to implement this process outdoors if possible. As you can see, the cockroaches try to escape when thrown off, and they may easily find a place to hide when indoors.

2. Freezing the Roaches

Most of the cockroaches that infest electronic devices are german cockroaches, and research shows more than 50% of them will die within an hour at freezing temperatures below 14 degrees Fahrenheit.

If the roaches get inside portable devices such as woofers or small gaming consoles, you can consider wrapping the machine in an airtight plastic bag and placing it inside the freezer for a couple of days.

However, before doing this, ensure that neither the appliance nor its components get damaged by the cold temperatures.

3. Using Roach Gel Bait to Attract Roaches

Also known as roach droppings, gel bait is a special insecticide product that can attract and kill roaches when consumed. It’s pretty common and can be found in any major general store.

To use a roach bait gel, you’ll need to put a drop of it in a tin foil and place the foil near the appliance. Soon, you should see cockroaches swarming around the area.

Remember that the bait can take some time to work, and some roaches can return to the appliance. Furthermore, it will only work on adult cockroaches and not the eggs.

4. Using Roach Sprays

Using cockroach sprays is the most straightforward yet risky process of getting roaches out from your machine. And this isn’t only because they can cause bug spray poisoning; if you’re not careful, the spray can also damage your electronics.

When liquid falls on any electric device’s circuit board, it can mess up the path of the electricity conduction inside it, causing a short.

Hence, before using a spray, you’ll need to cut off the power supply. Furthermore, avoid spraying on any part of the appliance with wire. Finally, after everything is done, wait for some hours for the liquid to dry completely before opening the device.

5. With the Help of Boric Acid And Other DIY Solutions

Boric acid can damage a cockroach’s nervous and digestive system and kill it.

To use boric acid, you’ll need to mix it with something sweet and place it near the appliances to lure roaches. And as the cockroaches eat the food, they will also ingest the acid.

Furthermore, some acid can cling to the cockroach’s body. And as the roach returns to its colony, other roaches which come in contact with its body will also get the acid in their system, triggering a chain reaction of death. We are big supporters of DIY solutions for roaches, so take a look at our guide on how to get rid of roaches with home remedies.

But remember that the effect isn’t instant- it may take up to 72 hours for the cockroach to die. Furthermore, this pest control mechanism may not be best for households with children and pets.

Other DIY Solutions:

How to Remove Dead Cockroaches from My Electronic Appliances?

Many of the above procedures involve cockroaches being able to return to the appliance before dying. However, removing them once they are dead is easy; as explained in the first step, you can use pressurized air or run a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter over the parts where there are cockroaches.

How to Avoid Roaches From Getting Back to Your Appliances

After addressing the roach problem, you’ll have to ensure they don’t return to your electronic devices. Here are some things you can do for it:

Conduct a Thorough Cleaning

Dead roaches emit oleic acid, which has a pungent smell and can attract other cockroaches. Hence, as soon as you’re sure you’ve kicked out every roach from the device, you’ll also need to remove the remains. This includes dead bodies of adult roaches, poops, and eggs.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this guide on how to get roaches out of electronics!


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