Does Pine Sol Kill Roaches? – Deter and Repel Cockroaches With Pine Sol

No one likes dealing with cockroaches. They are nuisance pests that are scavenging for food and water, all while being gross intruders to your solitude. Because we care about anyone and everyone being able to get rid of a roach infestation, we’ve focused on testing out various DIY ways to get rid of roaches. In this article we’ll be testing out does pine sol kill roaches!

Does Pine Sol Kill Roaches?

Yes, Pine-Sol does kill roaches, but it’s not the most effective DIY cockroach killer we’ve tested.

How It Works

Pine-Sol contains active ingredients that are known to kill various kinds of insects. When used in high concentrations, it disrupts the roaches’ nervous system, leading to their death. You can make a Pine-Sol and water mixture and use it as a cleaning solution, which can also double as a roach-killing agent. However, be cautious when using Pine-Sol around pets and children, and make sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

does pine sol kill roaches


While Pine-Sol does have roach-killing properties, it’s not specifically designed for this purpose. For one, its efficacy can diminish when diluted. Furthermore, it doesn’t provide a long-term solution to a roach infestation, as it doesn’t affect roach eggs or stop them from reproducing. The scent may repel roaches temporarily but won’t eliminate an infestation altogether.

Other Roach Solutions:

What Is Pine Sol?

Pine-Sol is a popular household cleaning product primarily used for cleaning and disinfecting floors, countertops, and various surfaces. It was originally formulated with pine oil when it was created in 1929, lending to its name and its distinctive pine scent. However, most modern formulations have moved away from pine oil due to costs and are now composed mainly of synthetic ingredients, including alcohols and surfactants. These active ingredients give Pine-Sol its cleaning and degreasing abilities, as well as some of its germ-killing properties.

Pine-Sol is commonly used in a diluted form, mixed with water, but it can be used undiluted for tough stains and grime. It’s a versatile cleaner that is effective on a range of surfaces like wood, tile, and linoleum. However, it’s crucial to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and warnings when using Pine-Sol, especially concerning its use around children and pets, as the product is not meant to be ingested or come into contact with skin or eyes.

Because of its cleaning and degreasing abilities, some people have also considered Pine-Sol for pest control uses, like killing roaches, although it is not specifically designed for this purpose. Always exercise caution and do your research when considering any off-label uses for household cleaning products.

Should You Use Pine Sol For Roaches?

Most homeowners are pretty split on if you should use pine sol for roaches or not.


  1. Readily Available: Pine-Sol is commonly found in grocery stores and does not require a special purchase like specific insecticides.
  2. Multi-Purpose: If you already have Pine-Sol for cleaning purposes, you can use it without needing an additional product.
  3. Immediate Impact: Direct contact with a concentrated Pine-Sol solution can kill roaches fairly quickly.


  1. Not Specifically Designed: Pine-Sol isn’t formulated to kill roaches, so its efficacy can be hit-or-miss compared to specialized roach-killing products.
  2. Short-Term Effect: It will not affect roach nests or eggs, making it a poor choice for long-term control.
  3. Safety Concerns: Pine-Sol can be hazardous to pets and children if ingested or if it comes into contact with skin or eyes.
  4. Odor: Some people find the strong smell of Pine-Sol overwhelming.
  5. Surface Damage: Pine-Sol may not be safe for all surfaces where roaches frequent, such as certain types of wood or fabric.

Overall, I think there are better options on getting rid of cockroaches. Pine Sol is fine in a pinch, but it doesn’t really have much stopping power for roaches, and it just isn’t the most effective product in the world. Overall you’re better off using a traditional roach treatment. If you’re worried about chemicals, check out our guide on roach spray safe for pets.

Final Thoughts On Pine Sol For Roaches

Overall, as you’ve gathered from this post, Pine Sol can be relatively effective at killing and getting rid of roaches, but it isn’t our recommended solution. In our testing, pine sol did kill roaches, but it wasn’t very quick and it wasn’t very effective. It would kill one or two roaches, but wouldn’t kill roach eggs or kill the entire colony so it doesn’t really solve your roach infestation.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this guide on does pine sol kill roaches and I hope it was helpful in dealing with your cockroach infestation!


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