Do Cockroaches Fly? – Identifying Flying Cockroaches

Cockroaches are disgusting food scavengers who are experts at sneaking through tiny holes or sewer lines to enter your home in the hunt for food. They’ll crawl all over your kitchen counters and sink with the only goal of finding food and laying eggs. But let’s take it a step further, do cockroaches fly?

do cockroaches fly

Not only is it gross enough to see cockroaches running around your home, but cockroaches flying around your home are the stuff of nightmares! So let’s get right into it, do cockroaches fly?

Do Cockroaches Fly?

Yes, some cockroaches can fly. That being said, not all species of cockroaches are capable of flight due to the fact that they don’t have long enough wings or fully developed wings.

What Types Of Cockroaches Can Fly?

As mentioned above, not all species of cockroaches can fly as some have wings that are too short to sustain flight.

That being said, there are several types of flying cockroaches and these include species of roaches:

  • Asian Cockroach
  • Smokybrown Cockroach
  • Wood Cockroach
  • American Cockroaches can glide but aren’t prevalent fliers.

Every species of cockroaches have a slightly different anatomy which dictates if they can fly or not. That being said, most regions in the United States have at least one species of cockroach that can fly.

The ability of flight by cockroaches generally goes back to the size and shape of their wings rather than the overall size of the roach. Those species that are avid fliers generally have bigger and longer wings, while roaches with shorter and stubbier wings such as the American Cockroach can fly for very short distances, but can glide from high heights.

What Types of Cockroaches Cannot Fly?

German cockroaches and oriental cockroaches do not have the ability to fly.

Do Cockroaches Have Wings?

Most species of cockroaches physically have wings, but not all species can fly. Those with longer wings are typically capable of flight, but others use their wings to glide in the air, and then others generally don’t use their wings.

Flying Cockroaches In Your Home

If you have any level of cockroach infestation in your home, then it’s completely possible you have flying cockroaches in your home. Because cockroaches are nocturnal, it’s often difficult to identify the infestation until it’s become relatively severe.

The downside of having flying cockroaches in your home compared to non-flying cockroaches is that these flying terrors can reach food more easily and will use their flight to find additional food sources or explore additional areas of your home.

This will put your home at additional risk of food contamination because these flying roaches can reach counters and pantries that other roaches might not be able to.

To make matters even scarier, some cockroaches might fly towards you in an attempt to scare you off and intimidate you!

What Attracts Flying Cockroaches?

Just like any other species of cockroach, flying cockroaches are just after food sources, water sources, and protection from predators. This means any kitchen or home is susceptible to these insects.

Along with this, they enjoy heat and moisture. So if your home has a high humidity level then it can make your home more susceptible to flying roaches.

How Serious Are Flying Cockroaches?

Just like any cockroach infestation, these flying cockroaches can be difficult to detect until their population grows to a severe level. These creatures are nocturnal so they hide during the day and then come out to feed at night.

Cockroach droppings and skin cells can cause allergic reactions and can trigger asthma attacks, so the larger the population gets, the more issues you and your family might face.

Along with this, cockroaches are just simply gross, but at least cockroaches generally won’t bite humans.

Adult flying cockroaches can live inside for over a year, so they’ll have plenty of time to reproduce if they aren’t treated.

How Do You Get Rid Of Flying Roaches?

Any cockroach infestation can be overwhelming to deal with, but thankfully we’ve created this ultimate guide on getting rid of cockroaches. Along with this, you can also hire a quality pest control company to take care of them for you. If you need any recommendations for pest control companies in your area, send me an email, and I’ll direct you to a reputable company.

Final Thoughts On Flying Cockroaches

If you learned anything from this guide on do cockroaches fly, it should be that yes, certain types of cockroaches can fly.

That being said, although it can be frightening, it’s possible to get rid of flying cockroaches just like non-flying cockroaches.

That being said, it’s important to deal with a cockroach infestation as soon as you notice it to ensure the population does grow to severe levels. Check out our other cockroach guides!


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