Can Roaches Survive In The Cold? – Cockroaches In The Winter

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can roaches survive in the cold

Cockroaches are pests that enjoy warm weather and moisture, but have you ever thought about cockroaches in cold climates? So, they cannot stand cooler temperatures. Yet, they find ways to survive and adapt to their surroundings. Some roach types can survive lower temperatures, but some cannot.

Most roaches will try to find different dwellings to stay in the cold weather, such as basements, attics, garages, water collection systems, or any damp areas with the preferred temperature.

Can Roaches Survive In The Cold?

Cockroaches will begin to die when temperatures are below 15 degrees Fahrenheit, and if the temperature is below 0 degrees, they definitely will die. Along with this, when the temperatures get below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, cockroaches lose their ability to breed.

Overall roaches much prefer warm and humid climates and will actively avoid any cold climates.

Will Cockroaches Die In Winter?

No matter if you are dealing with German cockroaches, American roaches, or Oriental ones, they will survive the winter if you leave pet food around your entire house and if they find warmth, heat, and water.

If left outside, these species will die in the cold winter months. However, if cockroaches enter your house and manage to avoid the temperature drops, you will see them in all the small holes in your home. That’s why you might find an uptick in roach activity around your home right when the weather starts to drop because roaches are looking for warmth!

Cockroaches are cold-blooded insects that hate cold winters. These species can live without food and water for a month but cannot regulate their temperature. Therefore, they need a warm temperature.

Will Roaches Leave A Cold House?

Yes, having a cold house can force roaches to leave. That being said, your house will need to be at degrees around 50 degrees or lower for an extended period of time, which isn’t really sustainable for the humans living in the house. Along with this, roaches will put up with cold temperatures if they still have food and water supplies in your home.

Should You Expect Cockroach Infestation In Winter?

Although not very often, cockroach infestations can happen even in winter. That is because roaches will find the warm spots in your house to avoid the low temperatures. Warmth is one of the main things that attracts roaches to your home, so you might find an uptick in roach activity when the weather cools off.

Because of the warm conditions in your home, most species will try to find a way into your home in Late Fall and into Winter.

The best way to prevent cockroach infestation would be not to let them inside the house in the first place. Of course, you must keep the house clean year-round, but this is not the only way to prevent infestation. You should seal any holes or entry points in the summer to avoid roach infestation.

Will You See Dead Roaches If The Temperatures Drop?

Since cockroaches prefer warmer weather, they could freeze if they face harsh temperature falls. If you’re wondering if you’ll constantly find dead roaches around your home in the winter, the answer is, you probably won’t. Generally, if roaches made it into your home during the winter, they’ll either be hibernating or they’ll be warm enough to resume normal activity.

However, most roaches hibernate state (diapause) in winter. In this inactive state, their growth stops, and their metabolic rate slows too. That is why going into your house where they can find food and water is the perfect thing for a cockroach.

How To Deal With Cockroach Infestation

There are many ways to deal with these boring pests.

  • Freezing:
    To get rid of cockroaches, you can use the freezing technique. This technique works if you think cockroaches have infested electronics or an item in your home. Take the thing and place it in an airtight bag. Then, put it in the freezer. Finally, take the appliance out and clean it.
  • Pesticide Dust:
    You can use pesticide dust in small amounts to kill pests. Use pesticide powder duster for smaller holes, cracks, and under the appliances.
  • Baits And Traps:
    You can always use bait gels and stations to catch cockroaches. Place them where you think pests move the most, for example, under the sink. Change the baits regularly.
    If you use sticky or jar traps, also place them in areas where cockroaches move the most.
  • Boric Acid:
    Apply boric acid only in the infested areas. This powder is poisonous to roaches and pests. However, it can also be toxic to humans and pets, so never let small children or animals around it.
  • Pest Control Professionals:
    The safest way to remove cockroaches would be to call a pest control professional. Cockroaches are cunny insects that can survive temperatures in your house. So, professional help is necessary to identify the cockroach type and their nest and eliminate them. You should also read our guide on how to find roach nests!

Final Thoughts On Roaches In Cold Weather

Roaches are insects that cannot survive too cold winters or the extreme heat in summer. They cannot live in temperatures lower than 15 degrees and will try to invade your home to find shelter and food when the temperatures drop. 

Ensure you take all the preventive measures to guard your home against these sneaky little pests.

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