5 Best Roach Bombs And Foggers (Updated For 2024) – Personally Tested

Over the last few months, there has been a surge of interest on the internet regarding the use of roach bombs and foggers as a solution for eliminating cockroaches. While I have known about these products, I have never personally tried them for a cockroach problem. Therefore, I decided to acquire and extensively evaluate the top-rated roach bombs and foggers available, in order to determine their effectiveness compared to traditional methods of dealing with cockroach infestations.

5 Best Roach Bombs and Foggers – Quick Look:

What Is A Roach Bomb or Roach Fogger?

Roach bombs or roach foggers have been around for many years, but just recently have they seemed to have gone viral. They generally will function by instead of releasing a slow and steady stream of chemical like a traditional cockroach spray treatment, these foggers will release all the chemical at once, hence the name bomb.

best roach bomb

It projects the chemicals with the overall goal of covering an entire area with the treatment all at once. Each of these products will have a designated area it’s set to cover usually based on square footage or even square inches.

Similar to a mosquito fogger, the idea is that the treatment will be able to cover every nook and cranny which could otherwise get missed during a traditional treatment.

Are they truly as effective as they claim to be? Let’s find out!

Best Roach Foggers and Roach Bombs:

After hearing all the hype, I’ve decided to give all these roach foggers and bombs a shot and really see how effective they are, and if they actually stack up to traditional cockroach treatments. Let’s get started:

1. Hot Shot Fogger With Odor Neutralizer:

The first roach fogger on our list is the Hot Shot Fogger With Odor Neutralizer. This was the first cockroach fogger I was recommended to check out, and it was claimed to be the best roach fogger.

hot shot cockroach fogger

This fogger technically is designed to kill all sorts of insects including ants, crickets, fleas, flies, mosquitoes, spiders, roaches and more.

The Hot Shot Fogger is designed to kill roaches on contact, as well as kill any roaches that visit the area for up to two months. I can attest that this product does kill on contact and I did notice a significant reduction in cockroach activity.

Just like any other roach fogger or roach bomb, it is designed for confined spaces such as apartments, individual rooms in your home, campers or cars, attics, etc. It releases its mist which is specified to cover up to 2,000 cubic feet per can of fogger. This would actually be the perfect solution for someone with cockroaches in their car.

How Effective Is This Fogger?

Overall it did kill cockroaches on contact as I did find bodies within a few minutes after application. Along with this, I did notice a noticeable decrease in the amount of cockroach activity in and around the home after applying this fogger. Overall I’d give it an 8/10 in terms of effectiveness!

That being said… I don’t think this fogger or any fogger is going to be the solution to anything more than a mild cockroach infestation. These are really designed more similar to a spot treatment. They will kill roaches in that area, but they don’t offer any treatment for the rest of the cockroach colony.

That’s why I’d always recommend cockroach bait in conjunction or instead of roach foggers. Killing cockroaches is great, but you need to also kill the entire colony, not just the roaches that you see.

That being said, if you have a mild infestation or only see a few cockroaches, then this could definitely be a quick and inexpensive solution! It doesn’t hurt to spend a few dollars and see if it’ll solve your issue!

2. Black Flag Indoor Fogger

The next roach fogger on my list of the best roach bombs, is the Black Flag Indoor Fogger. Similar to the Hot Shot Fogger, the Black Flag Indoor Fogger is originally developed to control all sorts of common household insects such as certain types of ants, spiders, roaches, fleas and more!

black flag roach bomb

Similar to the Hot Shot, it’s designed to kill roaches on contact, and it mentions that it offers up to 12 week of continued killing power for german cockroaches.

I tested this out on another house with a mild cockroach infestation. Similar to the Hot Shot, I did find a few cockroach bodies within a few minutes after application so this does paint to having some instant killing power. Along with this, I also noticed a decrease in cockroach activity weeks after the application, but it wasn’t perfect.

How Effective Is This Fogger?

I’d give this fogger an 8/10 on the effectiveness scale, similar to the Hot Shot, it did have instant killing power, and it did decrease cockroach activity for weeks afterwards. That being said, none of these foggers will bring the treatment back to the colony to effectively kill the entire colony, so it’s never going to be perfect.

But again, if you have a mild infestation, or an infestation in your car or tight confined space, this could be the perfect solution for you!

3. Raid Concentrated Deep Reach Fogger

The final fogger on my list is the Raid Concentrated Deep Reach Fogger. Raid obviously has quite the reputation in the pest control industry, so I had to try this bomb out and see if it was significantly different than the others on this list.

Raid concentrate deep reach fogger

Just like the others, this is designed to kill a multitude of household pests, such as ants, spiders, fleas, and roaches. Along with this, it offers a 2 month continued killing power as well.

This is designed to service 625 square feet from a single can.

This product is a bit more expensive than the other foggers on this list, and I don’t think the effectiveness is any better.

I tested this fogger out and tried my best to compare the effectiveness to the other foggers on our list.

How Effective Is This Fogger?

I would say this fogger is on par with the others on this list, or maybe slightly even weaker. It seemed to have slightly less killing on contact power, but I did find a decrease in cockroach activity after a few weeks, so I won’t say it wasn’t effective at all. I think I’d give this fogger a 7/10 in terms of effectiveness.

Final Thoughts On Cockroach Foggers and Bombs:

Overall my experience with cockroach bombs and foggers was relatively positive. If you are dealing with a minor cockroach infestation, then I think these foggers and bombs could be a good solution.

That being said, if you have a large roach infestation, I don’t think foggers will get the job done. They are pretty solid at killing roaches on contact, but they don’t provide any treatment to help kill the rest of the colony. So if you’re dealing with a large colony, I’d definitely suggest you look at other treatment options such as roach bait traps because these are designed to deliver treatment back to the rest of the of colony.

Using foggers for bed bugs is actually more effective than against roaches, due to the active ingredients effectiveness against bed bugs compared to roaches.

Overall, I think cockroach bombs and foggers have a place for certain roach treatment plans, but they are best used in very specific situations.



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