When To Put Out Carpenter Bee Traps? (Updated For 2023)

Last Updated August 7th, 2023: We’ve come to see that carpenter bees are predictable creatures in terms of living habits. So, determining the perfect timing for their traps is easy before ever they start to create holes at different points in your home. In this guide, we’ll be covering when to put out carpenter bee traps to protect your home!

Placing your traps outside at the right time, is one of the most important steps in effectively controlling carpenter bees. Whether you’re building your own carpenter bee traps or purchasing carpenter bee traps, they can be quite effective if they are placed in the right spot.

When Should You Put Out Your Carpenter Bee Traps?

If you’re dealing with a carpenter bees problem, the best time to put out your carpenter bee traps is during the start of spring before the carpenter bees reach full nesting season.. These traps should be hung at the peaks and corners of your home. But before you hang your traps, make sure to plug already-existing holes.

when to put out carpenter bee traps

We always recommend using carpenter bee traps rather than simply killing carpenter bees, since they are important pollinators.

Placing Your Carpenter Bee Traps

It’s a known fact that carpenter bees are highly territorial in nature and they will chase away other carpenter bees or predators from where they nest. Do not place your carpenter bee trap by an existing nest because the male carpenter bee will make your trap ineffective. 

when should I put out carpenter bee traps?

When you’ve covered up the holes, you can then hang your traps directly over the bee nests that have been plugged. With the realization that the nest is gone, the carpenter bees will search for a new place to make their nest 

When you leave out your trap for days and no carpenter bees get caught,  there is no need to be worried or go into a panic. That’s because the bees have been trapped inside their holes. It’s now time for the pheromone emitted by the dead bees to attract other bees to the trap. Once that happens, the infestation will be eliminated after a while. If you don’t see any activity, you can also implement carpenter bee bait to help attract them to your trap!

In all, the best time to place those traps would be when you do not have an existing infestation. You should see results if your traps get placed at the peaks or corners of buildings during the start of spring. The traps come with provisions to allow for easy installation. Most times, a trap wire hanger. Do not hang your traps under a rafter because the bees will have a hard time locating the hole. Keep in mind that their preference is the sunny areas of the structure since they have a need for warmth. Along with this, ensure you are using enough carpenter traps.

Should You Take Down Carpenter Bee Traps?

People wonder whether their traps can be left outside hanging out all year long. Well, if you wish to do so, that’s no problem. 

Spring seasons are the most active times for carpenter bees because they build nests and mate during that period. When they finish setting up the nests and laying eggs, the adult bees die. During the spring season, the larva emerges after growing in order to continue the cycle. 

So you can take them off during winter and keep them stored in a dry place before getting them back out when it’s springtime again.

Should You Trap Carpenter Bees?

Yes, you should trap carpenter bees rather than using pesticide sprays to kill carpenter bees. Carpenter bees are pollinators and are beneficial to our ecosystem so I’d steer away from killing them when possible.

By trapping carpenter bees you can deter them away from your home, and release them away from your home where they can live back in nature and continue to pollinate.

Final Thoughts On What Time Of Year To Put Out Carpenter Bee Traps

Lining your trap with carpenter bee carcasses can help to lure more of these bees into the trap. Try keeping the trap until the fall season ends before taking them out for storage.

I hope this guide on when to put out carpenter bee traps has been helpful in your journey in protecting your home from carpenter bees. Although they can be pesky creatures, you should use carpenter traps whenever possible because they don’t rely on harsh chemicals which can kill other important insects.



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