How To Fill Carpenter Bee Holes – Repair Carpenter Bee Damage

If you have noticed gaps in the wood on the exterior of your home, it is likely caused by an infestation of carpenter bees. These bees are attracted to untreated and unpainted softwoods as they build their nests to live and reproduce in.

How to fill carpenter bee holes

They wreak and cause havoc on wooden structures by digging into the wood to make nests. It’s annoying to say that carpenter bees do not eat these woods. All they do is chew it up and then discard it. 

Naturally, the bees create a nest that has an entrance hole approximately 1/2 inch in diameter. Though each nest has an entrance, there may be many tunnels hidden in the interiors of the wood. Since carpenter bees don’t have a queen, they use these nests as a place for protection and to raise a family. ALong with this, carpenter bees can live for multiple years so they will often return to nests to expand and continue raising a family. As a result, the extent of damage escalates by allowing moisture to seep into the wood, causing it to rot. 

If you’re experiencing something similar, we’ll teach you how to repair carpenter bee damage. Read along to discover effective solutions! 

Can You Plug A Carpenter Bee Hole?

Yes, you can plug a carpenter bee hole. The best way to repair a carpenter bee hole in wood material, is to select a wooden dowel slightly smaller than the diameter of the carpenter bee hole. Fill the hole with caulk, then push the dowel into the hole until it’s flush with the wood. Add caulk to complete the hole if needed, and then add a paint or sealer on top.

Tips to Prevent and Repair Carpenter Bee Damage  

Before we delve into how to repair carpenter bee damage, we’ll consider some ways to prevent it. 

To prevent bees from choosing your home as a nesting site, you want to paint or varnish the wood if possible. A bee is less likely to go after a thicker finish. It’s that simple and straightforward.

Also, consider using hardwoods for your furniture. Keep in mind to treat your lumber as well to prevent carpenter bee infestations. 

Note that citrus scents repel carpenter bees. If you wish to keep your wood safe, spray it every few days. Check your home for cracks and fill in any holes before painting. Your cracks and holes are filled with caulk or putty. After caulking, paint it to prevent carpenter bee damage. This will help you avoid the high costs of fixing carpenter bee damage.

But should prevention not be an option, you may then move on to repairing the damage caused. There are several options here, all of which are so easy to implement. But let’s let you in on two of the most effective repair solutions:

  1. Fill the holes with steel wool, aluminum foil, corks, or even wooden dowels. Ensure to do this in the spring and fall when the carpenter bees aren’t around. Then use caulking to cover the holes and paint over them. Bees can create new exits from the nest even if they are still inside. So, if you cannot get to the nest while it’s empty, you can fill the tunnels with an insecticide before filling holes. There are many sprays and powders available. And it is best to do this at night or early in spring when the bees are still hibernating.
  2. Get a wooden dowel or stick with a diameter that corresponds to the size of the hole and insert it as a wood plug. Dip a cotton swab in isopropyl alcohol. Shove the soaked cotton swab deep into the nest. If necessary, use a little stick or dowel to push the alcohol-soaked swab into the nest. Choose a dowel that best fits, then adhere it with exterior-grade wood glue. Finish the repair off with stainable exterior-grade wood glue. Or, you can cut the dowel into tiny pieces and insert as many as possible into the hole. 

Final Thoughts On Carpenter Bee Damage In And Around Your Home:

Like we earlier said, it is better to prevent carpenter bees from invading your house. But it is also not that expensive to eradicate them using DIY methods. 

Last, do not hesitate to always seek professional help when in doubt. A professional pest control company can come up with a plan to help secure your home from carpenter bee damage.


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