Do Fake Wasp Nests Deter Carpenter Bees?

Last Updated December 19th, 2022: Carpenter bees although they are important pollinators for the environment, they can cause quite the damage to your home as they are drilling their nest in wood. Thankfully there are natural ways to get rid of them without having to kill them, and you can actually repel them by tricking them to think predators are around.

do fake wasp nests deter carpenter bees

Where To Buy Fake Wasp Nests For Carpenter Bees:

We’ve tested out a handful of fake wasp or yellow jacket nests to help with our carpenter bee issues. We were looking for a nest that could withstand the heat of summer as well as any occasional rain that might get on it.

Our go-to pick is Decyool’s 4 Pack of Wasp Nests.

You might have seen fake wasps nests at your local home improvement store. The idea is by placing up these synthetic wasp nests, you can help to repel other pests from your home. If other pests see a nearby wasp nest they most likely will think of the nest as a sign of predators so they’ll move to another location.

Do Fake Wasps Nest Deter Carpenter Bees?

Yes, fake wasps nests are effective at repelling carpenter bees. Carpenter bees are afraid of wasps because wasps will often kill carpenter bees and eat their larvae. Because of this, whenever there is a sign of wasps (even a fake sign), carpenter bees will leave that area for their own safety.

Because of this, fake wasps nests can be a very effective way to get rid of carpenter bees naturally without having to use chemicals or pesticides. Fake wasp nests are pretty effective at working to repel any pests that wasps are predators of, and they can be a very simple solution to repel carpenter bees and other pests. If you’re still looking for some additional natural repelling power, you should use citrus oil spray for carpenter bees!

Where To Hang Fake Wasp Nests To Prevent Carpenter Bees?

In order to prevent carpenter bees using a fake wasp nest you need to understand where carpenter bees are naturally attracted to around your home. Generally, carpenter bees like to hang out around your porch and areas of wood siding, because it gives them a good place to build their nest.

I recommend placing your fake wasp nest near your porch and near any eaves of your home. This will put the nest in a position that will deter carpenter bees from coming near your home, and should keep your porch safe from holes!

If you aren’t looking to spend money, find out how to get rid of carpenter bees with a paper bag!

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