Do Birds Eat Carpenter Bees?

It is widely known that animals consume insects, but do birds also consume carpenter bees? Can one attract birds to their property in order to control the carpenter bee population? The simple answer is that most birds do not typically target carpenter bees as a food source, but there are a few exceptions.

do birds eat carpenter bees?

Do Birds Eat Carpenter Bees?

Yes, certain species of birds will eat carpenter bees, such as woodpeckers and mockingbirds. Birds generally do not eat bees but there are a few exceptions such as woodpeckers and mockingbirds who are some of the main carpenter bee predators. The presence of birds on properties has not been known to have any significant repellent effects on bees or wasps. In many cases even, the two entities tend to live side by side.

Some birdhouse owners have had to deal with bee infestations of their birdhouses. It is baffling when you realize that bees or wasps can live closely with birds without caring or bothering another. And many times, the birds do not get stung or eat the bees. This means the relationship between birds and bees is far from prey-predator as the birds are usually nonchalant about the bees.

Can I Use Birds to Control Carpenter Bees?

Since birds can coexist with bees, the implication is that you cannot use birds to repel bees, especially carpenter bees, from your property. You will have to treat your property with drone dust, after which you can use Cypermethrin or insect repellent sprays. 

Cypermethrin is harmful to bees and kills them, while the insect repellent prevents a repeat infestation of insects like bees or wasps.

Although birds do not eat carpenter bees, the insect is not without some natural predators or enemies. 

Carpenter Bee Bird Predators

The major carpenter bee predators are woodpeckers and bee fly. 


You might be familiar with the common carpenter bee damage, which involves boring tunnels and making nests in the wood siding of your property. But these insects cause even more damage by just existing in your space. And that is because of the woodpecker. The woodpecker is one of the most ravenous natural predators of carpenter bees. To the woodpecker, carpenter bee larvae are one delicious caviar snack. 

do woodpeckers eat carpenter bees

Woodpeckers can find their favorite snack by paying attention to the wind because carpenter bee larvae are noisy. The noise from the larvae attracts the woodpeckers, who then drill holes in the tunnels to eat the larvae. You have both the carpenter bees and the even greater nuisance – the woodpecker- to deal with when this happens. So, yes, the carpenter bee has a predator that is even more harmful to your property.


Similar to woodpeckers, mockingbirds are constantly on the prowl for flying insects for their daily diet. Being rather large birds, mockingbirds have no issues eating adult-sized carpenter bees but they generally focus on carpenter bee larvae since they are easier to feast on.


Certain types of sparrows will also feed on carpenter bees occasionally. They generally aren’t their main food source, but they are opportunistic feeders, so they will feed on carpenter bees if the opportunity arises.

Do Carpenter Bees Sting Birds?

Yes, female carpenters bees will occasionally sting birds if they are being attacked. This doesn’t have too much effect on most birds, but it can be enough to deter birds from attacking. Unfortunately, male carpenter bees don’t have stingers, so they are pretty much defenseless against attacking birds!

Final Thoughts On Birds Eating Carpenter Bees

You already have your answer about birds and carpenter bees. Yes, certain birds will eat carpenter bees, but it isn’t their main source of food. This means you cannot use them as a natural repellent. If you deal with carpenter bee infestations, seek a professional exterminator to remove them from your property.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this guide on do birds eat carpenter bees!


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