Can You Feel Bed Bugs Crawling On Your Skin?

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Bed bugs are tenacious parasitic insects. Within months, they can turn into a nightmare and even go a year without feeding. Many insecticides and DIY insect repellents are similarly ineffective against bed bugs. Bed bugs are skilled at hiding, making them challenging to spot with the eyes. But this brings us to our next question, can you feel bed bugs crawling on your skin?

Can You Feel Bed Bugs Crawling On Your Skin

Although bed bugs are tiny, their bites cause discomfort. Can you feel bed bugs crawling on your skin? Will you be able to detect them when they bite? 

In this article, we will discuss the mystery of how hard it is to feel bed bugs when they crawl on the skin.

Can You Feel Bed Bugs Crawling On Your Skin?

Yes, you can feel bed bugs crawling on your skin, especially when you’re laying in bed looking to fall asleep, or when there are multiple bed bugs crawling on your skin at a time.

Bed bugs are not entirely predatory. But they always pop out in the dark. Bugs come out whenever they think they will have a safe meal. Often, this is when their food (humans) are asleep. Furthermore, these insects are pretty tiny, but sleeping with bed bugs can be extremely difficult.

They are small hitmen who thrive on creeping onto your body when sleeping. Sometimes, they don’t crawl on you while you are sleeping. It could be in class when you are focused on studying. Or at your workstation attending to clients’ needs.  

Bed bugs are so little that you might not even see them, and their weights are roughly equivalent to that of an ant. Bed bugs are just like the size of an apple seed grain or a lentil. Irrespective of their size, other elements can make it difficult to feel or perceive them.

Your Skin’s Sensitivity

Skin sensitivity varies from person to person. Mr. A can feel sensations if he has strong feelings about them. Though, younger people are more sensitive to touch than their older counterparts. 

Point of Contact

Some skin parts are more sensitive than others, such as the palms. Thus, it may be challenging to detect a bed bug crawling over areas other than the palms of your hands. But, if bed bugs travel through the hairs on the legs and arms, you can feel them quickly. 

Your Current Activity

Are you a deep sleeper? Or are you fully awake? This may impair your ability to detect bed bugs on your skin. Since bed bugs are so light, you will likely not notice them while sleeping. 

On the other hand, bugs may not crawl on you if you are awake. The reason is that they only do so when humans are completely still.

In the end, you may not feel bed bugs crawling on your skin. And, it is possible to feel bed bugs crawling on your skin, especially when you’re lying in bed and numerous bugs are eating simultaneously. Even after a pest control professional gets rid of bed bugs from your house, you will still imagine the crawling sensation. 

Can You See Bed Bugs With The Naked Eye?

Yes, you can see bed bugs with your naked eyes. Bed bugs are about 1/4 of an inch in length, so if you pay attention should be able to see them.

The most common myth regarding bed bugs is that they are too tiny and can only be seen with a microscope. When next you read this, disregard this information. It is because often, people mistake bed bugs for mites since one can only see dust mites with the aid of a microscope.

However, who are we to blame for spreading such a rumor? We can’t because bed bugs are masters at hiding in small spaces. Not only that, bed bugs reveal themselves at night. Therefore, it is not easy to see them, particularly if you have a minor infestation. 

In reality, you can see bed bugs, nymphs, and eggs with the naked eye. This is for those who pay close attention. Because bed bugs cannot jump or fly, you can always see one of them crawling over the floor. 

The size of an adult bed insect is about the same as an apple seed. And they range in length from ¼ to 3/16 inches. On the flip side, nymphs are very hard to spot, and their skins are transparent and pale, turning brown as they grow. Bug eggs are frequently hidden in the home’s tiniest, most hidden holes and cracks to make problems worse.

Now, let’s consider some of the physical characteristics of bed bugs at different phases of their existence. This is to help you identify them in your home. 


Adults – Adults can grow up to 3/16 inches. But after feeding well, they increase to 1 inch. Nymphs (babies) – Nymphs are smaller than a pinhead. They are ⅛ inch in length


Adults – Adult bed bugs are usually dark brown. Though, they turn a crimson hue after a meal. 

Nymphs – The nymphs are sometimes brown or off-white. However, this depends on whether they are still eggs or have just hatched.


Adults – Adult bugs are mostly flat. But after feeding, they get plumped up and inflated to a more oval shape.

Nymphs – They are tiny and flat.

Another good way to identify bed bugs is by finding bed bug poop!

Can You Sense a Bed Bug Bite?

No, you may not feel a bed bug bite. Bed bugs don’t pierce the flesh deeply, and their mouths are tiny. They drink blood from the capillaries under the skin’s surface. Also, they leave evidence (wound) in the form of a pinhead behind to remind you of their presence.  

Bed bug saliva has soothing qualities. Therefore, making it difficult for the prey to detect that they are feasting. The reason is that if you do not feel the bite, you will not interrupt the bug. It is best for the bugs if you’re unaware of their presence. On rare occasions, some individuals say they’ve felt a bed bug bite them. You certainly cannot, except if you’re awake. However, it is unlikely!

Bed bugs bite most people whenever they are sleeping because that is the time they are active. 

Will You Feel Pain When Bed Bug Bites?

You may not notice when a bed bug bites you. After all, they always go undetected because they are so small. It is true, mainly if you are focused on something else, such as sleeping or working. You’ll have no idea they were spying on you in the first place.

Even so, there is a chance that you will develop an allergic reaction to a bed bug bite. Itchy and puffy skin are common symptoms of an allergic reaction.

Can you Have Bed Bugs in Your Scalp or Hair?

Yes, you can have bed bugs in your hair or scalp!! Besides lice, ticks, and other insects, bed bugs prefer to feed on exposed skin. It includes the neck, face, arms, legs, and other body areas with sparse hair. Bed bugs may bite your head if you’re bald. 

Do Bed Bugs Stay In Your Hair?

Although it’s possible that you might find bed bugs in your hair or bed bug bites on your head, it’s unlikely for bed bugs to take permanent residence in your hair. Bed bugs prefer body heat, so they generally will be as close to your skin as possible, so they generally won’t stay in your hair for long.

These insects prefer cool temperatures, so they will bite their victims and then return to their hideout to digest. The fact that bed bugs enjoy hiding in tight spaces makes them challenging to find. 

What Are the Signs of Bed Bugs in Your Hair?

The mere thought of feeling bed bugs in your hair could make you shiver, but it is a real thing to consider. You might not notice if you have a few bed bugs in your hair, and it could just develop red, itchy irritations on your hairline. It could also be on your brow, cheeks, or the back of your neck.

However, this depends on your sensitivity and whether they are biting you. The positive news is that bed bugs do not live inside your hair. Unlike lice, if they crawl inside, they crawl out independently. 

Do Bed Bugs Bite Only Once?

Bed bugs generally only bite once, but if they get distracted during feeding, they might bite again to continue feeding.

Have you ever woken up with a mark that resembles an insect bite? You’re probably wondering if bed bugs caused that. Does a bed bug ever leave only one bite mark?

You’ve probably heard that bed bugs bite in three-person groups or lines. Every five to seven days, bed bugs crawl out to feed, and each bed bug consumes one meal at a time. It means that even if you have a few bed bug infestations, you may only be bitten once. 

The primary reason a bed bug would bite multiple times is if It becomes distracted during a feed or has difficulty finding an excellent capillary to feed on.


Do Bed Bugs Stay on Your Body?

Bed bugs cannot and will not live on your body. When a bed bug feeds, it swells to almost three times its standard size, forming a red balloon. A bed bug can never survive on a human body and remain hidden while swollen.

This is an emphatic no. Bed bugs cannot and will not live on your body. When a bed bug feeds, it swells to almost three times its standard size, forming a red balloon. A bed bug can never survive on a human body and remain hidden while swollen.

Do Bed Bugs Crawl on Your Body During the Day?

Bed bugs are nocturnal, so generally they will be out and about during the nighttime, but it’s not uncommon for them to crawl on your body during the day.

Bugs are active virtually every night when sleeping in your bed. You can find them on mattresses, under beds, and on pillows. They’ll come out to feed while you’re sleeping. So, you might not even notice the bugs are there until you start itching. Bed bugs can live for a long time without feeding, so their feeding cycle isn’t always consistent.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this guide on can you feel bed bugs crawling on your skin!


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