How To Get Rid Of Ants In Your Car (Updated For 2023)

Last Updated March 6th, 2023: Where there’s one ant, there’s more than likely more. This sentence gets even more concerning when you spot a few ants inside your car…

The last thing anyone wants when they are driving to work in the morning is to notice that there’s an entire colony of ants living inside their car, destroying any sense of peace and quiet during your commute. Thankfully, we’ve done quite a bit of research and we’ve found out why ants are in your car, and how to get rid of ants in your car!

How To Get Rid Of Ants In My Car?

Ants in your car is extremely frustrating and gross. That being said, you don’t have to continue to live with ants in your car, there are many methods to finally eradicating them. The number one way to get rid of ants in your car is to use TERRO T300B Ant Bait Stations in and around your car. These will attract ants to the bait stations and then introduce poison to the ants colonies which will kill the entire colony!

how to get rid of ants in your car

Why Are There Ants In My Car?

99% of the time when you find an ant infestation in your car they are after one thing, food. Food is any ant’s main motivator. When one ant finds a food source, then soon you’ll find an entire trail of ants leading to the food source and then slowly taking their new found food spoils back to the rest of their colony.

If you are wondering why are there ants in my car, it’s probably because they either found food, or they are in the search for food.

Once a food source has been found and food has been returned to the colony, your car will be a very popular place for ants!

If you are positive there isn’t any food in your car, then it might be as simple as ants are looking for a food source, and once they discover there isn’t any food in your car, they’ll leave it alone.

What Type Of Ants Are In My Car?

The most common type of ants that are often found in cars are simple odorous house ants. These are nuisance ants with large colonies and queens to feed so they are constantly on the hunt for new food sources.

By being able to identify what type of ants are in your car it will help you be able to remove your cars ant infestation! If you aren’t able to identify what type of ants are in your car, it might be a better option to contact a local pest control professional.

What Ant Traps To Use In Your Car:

If you have ants in your car, you’ll want to use an ant trap that is effective in killing the entire colony not just the individual ants you might see. The most effective ant traps to use is the TERRO T300B which uses Borax rather than a traditional insecticide. You might be wondering how does borax kill ants? Well it actually dries the ants out rather than poisoning them which makes these ant traps pet friendly which is perfect for a confined space like your car!

5 Steps On How To Get Rid Of Ants From Your Car:

Now that we’ve talked about what brought ants to your car in the first place, it’s time to get rid of them! You might be wondering what to do if you have ants in your car, but there are a few simple things to do:

  1. Move Your Car To A Different Location: The first step is to move your car. If your car is parked near an ant hill or around a tree with ant activity then you can see an improvement simply by moving your car to somewhere with less ant activity.
  2. Clean The Interior Of Your Car: Because ants are attracted to food sources, you need to clean the interior of your car and get rid of any food, wrappers or trash that ants might be attracted to.
  3. Vaccuum Your Car: Vaccuum your car to thoroughly get rid of any ants in your home as well as clean up any crumbs or food sources the ants might be attracted to.
  4. Clean Off Your Tires: Although your tires are of course on the outside of your car, they are the connection between the ants on the ground to the interior of your vehicle. By keeping your tires as clean as possible you’ll reduce the amount of ant activities on and around your tires.
  5. Put Ant Traps In And Around Your Car: If you are still noticing ant activity in and around your car, then you should put down ant bait traps. These traps will mimic food sources and attract ants to poisonous bait, which they’ll then return to the rest of their colony. This is an effective way to reduce ant populations in specific areas and should protect your car from ants.

Final Thoughts On Ants In My Car:

Ants in your car can be extremely annoying and unnerving, but thankfully they are generally pretty easy to get rid of and you shouldn’t have to wonder what to do if you have ants in your car. Simply by cleaning up your car and keeping it as unappealing as possible to ants will great reduce any ant activity in and around your car.

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