Brett Ehlert

Brett Ehlert – Owner

Brett Ehlert is the owner of ExterminateSEO which is a premiere SEO agency that focuses only on the Pest Control industry.

Starting his professional pest control SEO career as an SEO Analyst at Coalmarch by Workwave, Brett was immediately thrown into the world of pest control. Throughout his career at Coalmarch by Workwave, Brett progressed as an SEO Analyst to becoming the SEO Team Lead, where his role was to lead the SEO team and develop the overarching SEO strategy for all of their pest control clients.

Brett started ExterminateSEO to provide his SEO expertise to pest control companies to help them grow their online presence and attract additional customers to their businesses.

On January 5th, 2024, Brett Ehlert and ExterminateSEO acquired The Pest Informer. This strategic acquisition will allow The Pest Informer to continue to provide unbiased insights on the pest control industry to their viewers, but also allow The Pest Informer to grow their user base online.


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